To begin with: is the English edition of, which is maintained by the same people. Therefore, please excuse any weird linguistic mistakes and/or topics that are not relevant in the USA (or other English-speaking countries). However, faith in Jesus is not bound to a certain language and therefore we are so free to publish the relevant content here again.

Our faith

All authors belong to the evangelical-Christian spectrum, that direction one can rather classify as “charismatic”, i.e. on the whole: We believe that God still speaks directly to people today and that people can have direct experiences with God that others consider “impossible.”

Of course, there are very many things in this world and on the web that very many people classify as “impossible” – our limitation here is the Bible, which was revealed to man as a divine message. If the Bible and experience cannot be reconciled, there must be a plausible reason. This need not always be demonic in nature, but may have other causes.

Our guidelines

The most important faith is faith in Jesus Christ as Savior for mankind. We consider him to be the only way to paradise and the most important core figure in world history.

What we do not believe in: Prophets, Messiahs, Apostles (in the sense of: appointed directly by Jesus), Special Recipients of God’s Wisdom, or other designations for people who think they are especially important. We also do not consider ourselves God and do not claim to be right about every item.

However, we are aware that as teachers we will be punished more severely by God than others. (2 Peter 3) Therefore we work with best and knowledge and conscience to spread here only information, of which we are convinced. But in the end, one thing is true: each person is responsible for his or her own eternity.

Why this blog?

The year 2020 is a year where you can’t really get out and you’re not allowed to. The whole world is threatened by a virus. Because of this, possible outside work is very limited.

This gave rise to the idea of creating a web platform that answers questions about faith and the gospel. However, in order to stand out from the crowd and make a real difference, the topics have been and will be selected so that they can be easily found on search platforms. It must have an advantage if the initiator has appropriate knowledge in the field.

If one had to summarize the mission of this blog, it would be: Committed to the Gospel.