Where To Start Reading The Bible To Get Closer To God?

Many believers want to read the Bible in order to be closer to God, but do not know where to start. Therefore, the question where to start reading the Bible to get a better connection with God? As always, the answer should be: it depends. Because there is still one general tip that can be given to almost any interested Bible reader:

Are The Gideons A Cult?

They stand at schools, usually in suits, and hand out small pocket Bibles to students, often in several languages – don’t they have a job? Yes, they do, that’s the gag of it. Presumably, they are some members of the Gideons. Who the Gideons are and whether they are dangerous, you could read in this article.

How To Remember Bible Verses

Having Bible verses ready in everyday life helps to remember and apply the Word of God again and again. The only problem is that it is not easy to remember the verses. Therefore I want to help you to answer the following question: What is the best way to memorize Bible verses?

How To Ask God For Advice

Here you will find a small guide how you can ask God for advice and how you can get or interpret an answer. We have divided the individual steps in such a way that you can make these sometime simply from the head. Please also pay attention to the hints at the end.

How To Ask Jesus For Something

In this article we want to take care of the topic “Asking Jesus for something”. Many Christians are afraid to do something wrong or don’t know how to ask Jesus (or God) for something correctly.

How To Ask Jesus For Forgiveness

In this article you will find instructions on how to ask Jesus (i.e. God) for forgiveness and to give up your sins. The most important thing, as with many things about Jesus, is this: It is not so much the deeds that count. What matters is the inner attitude towards the deed and towards Jesus.

How To Write A Prayer Step By Step

In this article you can learn how to write a prayer. This can be helpful to you, for example, if you always have a specific prayer with you when you are in a spontaneous situation. The beautiful thing about prayers is this: Whether you wrote it or not, God hears your prayer and understands what you want.

How Do You Pray In Church?

Prayer is one of the most important means of a believer to talk to God. Praying in one’s own home is rarely a problem – but how about in a building dedicated to God? What do I need to consider in order to pray in a church? Are there certain rituals to observe? How should I behave?

Why and When Is Yoga Considered a Sin?

In this article, we explore the question of whether yoga is sin (or not). But much more one should ask oneself with this topic: When is yoga sin? Because the answer is – once again – not as black and white as one would often like it to be.

Does Holy Water Expire?

In this blog post, we will discuss why holy water does not go bad. This is a question that many people have been asking for years. Salting holy water? How is holy water preserved? Is holy water normal water? Can holy water go bad? We will answer all these questions and more in the following sections.