How To Pray For Deliverance And Break Demonic Influences

A deliverance prayer is one of the most powerful tools a believing Christian has at his disposal. With it, the believer asks Almighty God to deliver someone else or himself from bad influences. In this article you will get background knowledge and a three step plan against demonic influences.

How Do I Ask God To Stop Worrying

Here you can learn how to give your worries to God. It is best if you always keep this little guide in mind and do it as a kind of regular exercise. This will make it easier and easier for you to give your worries to God.

How To Confess Your Sins In Prayer

In this article, we will look at how to confess your sins directly to God through prayer. This text is only meant to be a rough guide; it is not a fixed ritual that must be performed exactly like this. What is important here is the personal connection with God and the sincere connection with Him more important than the exact form.

When Do Christians Pray?

In most religions, it is common for believers to pray at a certain time. But when do Christians actually pray? Are there fixed rituals for times? Are there fixed times? And what happens if one does not keep to these times?

How To Ask God For Help: 8 Simple Steps

In this article I would like to describe to you how you can ask God for help – and that as successfully as it is possible for us humans. Keep one thing in mind: God is not a wish-granting machine that blindly gives you everything you ask Him for. (Unfortunately)

How To Ask Jesus For A Miracle

This article is intended to serve as a guide for asking Jesus for a miracle. The emphasis is on guide – there simply cannot be a fixed set of instructions on how to pray or what exact words to use. Jesus is not a request machine, but a being with whom you can have a relationship.

Does It Matter What Position You Pray In?

Religions always seem to have fixed rules and somehow many people are of the opinion that a certain prayer posture belongs to it. This seems hardly different in Christianity. But let’s take a look at the topic of “prayer attitudes in Christianity”. The prayer postures in Christianity are as diverse as each believer.

How To Give Your Life To Christ

Congratulations on your journey with our Lord Jesus Christ. You have already met some of Him and now you really want to “get down to business”? I think that’s great! A life surrender prayer is probably the most important step in your eternal journey with God. Depending on who you ask, it may be THE most important for starting with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Can a Christian Pray in A Mosque?

One of the most common questions Muslims are asked is, “Are Christians allowed to pray in the mosque?” The answer varies depending on who you ask. For some it’s a yes and for others it’s absolutely not! In this blog post, we will explore both sides of the argument to see what Islam has to say about praying in other religions’ places of worship.