Christian Questions and Answers

Does God Forgive Murderers?

This article is about whether or not God forgives murderers and lets them into the Kingdom of Heaven. From a human point of view, this is an absolute no-go; but those who think this way should take a look at their own noses and understand the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Fundamentals of Christianity

Should We Believe in Miracles?

Christianity is characterized by miracles. In hardly any other religion is the direct intervention, and the “bending” of existing natural laws, of God so present and important as with Christians. In the old testament God proves his power by miracles… But today? Do Christians have to believe in miracles or is it a nice accessory?

Christian Questions and Answers

Can Alcoholics Go To Heaven?

When we talk about alcoholics, we think of men with long beards, dirty clothes, slurred speech and an acrid stench. People at the end of their existence, dragging their empty bottles to the nearest discount store. Such people can not have earned heaven, right? God must hate such people, right? Do alcoholics go to heaven?