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Are Christians Allowed To Participate in Ramadan?

In this article, we look at the question of whether believing Christians are allowed to participate in Ramadan or whether they should rather not. We also look a little at the background to Ramadan.

Let’s keep it short: Christians should definitely refrain from the practice of Ramadan. It might even be a question of heaven or hell – and that’s rare indeed!

Simple reasons why a Christian should not participate in Ramadan

Ramadan is not just some special opportunity to do something special. Ramadan has a non-Christian background. For Muslims, Ramadan is one of the duties that Alah has given them. Only those who keep these rules may eventually go to heaven.

An alarm bell should now go off for all Christians: You have to do something to go to heaven? Jesus died for everyone and you only have to believe in him to go to heaven! Deeds are not required.

The other argument would be: There should be no objection to abstaining from food in principle. Jesus gives us clear instructions on this and we read in the Bible that regular fasting is practiced.

The key is this: voluntarily. Believers do this voluntarily – and are not forced to do so, as in Islam. That is the biggest difference!

Reasons That Make the Difference Between Heaven and Hell

The above reasons why Christians should give Ramadan a wide berth are not critical ones that distinguish between heaven and hell. Before there is any ambiguity: It’s okay to fast. It is also okay in principle to fast at the usual time of Ramadan. The key is: why!

If we look at the rules in the letter to the Corinthians regarding food, we do see that eating habits are a matter of conscience; but the individual believer is to be considerate so that the other does not fall away from the faith.

Thus, when we, as Christians, perform the ritual of this religion, we even encourage the other in their faith. At this point, it would be better to consciously not fast when a Muslim is watching and leave no doubt whatsoever that this tradition serves a false god.

At best, they ask questions – and you can tell about Jesus. And hearing about Jesus (correctly) can be a question of hell or heaven!

Are Christians allowed to participate in Ramadan? The short answer.

Christians may participate in Ramadan by law. However, this can be considered as participation of pagan rituals of a non-Christian god. Therefore, Ramadan can already be judged as serving another god – a clear no-go.

When a Christian meets a Muslim, Christians should consciously avoid Ramadan. This can create interest – and thus a chance to talk about Jesus.

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