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‘Beauty’ in the Bible – All 22 Bible Verses / Bible Passages

Here you will find all Bible passages where / in which the word (or term) ‘Beauty’ occurs and how often this word occurs per biblical book. We searched the New and Old Testaments to really find all the verses and occurrences.

The term ‘Beauty’ comes from 22 times in the Bible. In the following you will find all relevant Bible passages divided according to the corresponding book. Here are the Bible verses about ‘Beauty’:

Bible passages with ‘Beauty’ in Esther

to bring Queen Vasti before the king with the royal crown, so that he might show her beauty to the peoples and princes, for she was of beautiful figure.
Esther 1:11

Scriptures related to Beauty in the biblical book Esther: 1

Bible passages with ‘Beauty’ in Ezekiel

And your glory rang out among the nations because of your beauty; for it was all perfect from the adornment which I put on you, saith the Lord GOD.
Ezekiel 16:14

But you trusted in your beauty and courted your fame and poured out your courtship on everyone who passed by, and you became.
Ezekiel 16:15

You have built your high places on every street corner; and you have desecrated your beauty; you spread your legs against all who passed by, and you committed fornication worse and worse.
Ezekiel 16:25

And say to Tyre, which lies on the shore of the sea and trades with the peoples in many islands: Thus says the Lord GOD: Tyrus, you said, I am the perfect beauty!
Ezekiel 27:3

Those of Arvad were with your army around you on your walls, and the valiant on your towers. They hung their shields on your walls all around, thereby completing your beauty.
Ezekiel 27:11

Therefore, behold, I will bring upon you strangers, the most violent of the nations; they shall draw their swords against your brilliant wisdom and profane your beauty.
Ezekiel 28:7

Son of man, sing a lamentation against the king of Tire, and say to him, Thus saith the Lord GOD: O seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect beauty!
Ezekiel 28:12

Your heart is lifted up for your beauty; you have spoiled your wisdom for the sake of your splendor. So I threw you to the ground and made you a show before kings.
Ezekiel 28:17

The cedar trees in the garden of God did not surpass him; the cypress trees were not like his branches; the plane trees were not like his branches; no tree in the garden of God could compare to it in beauty.
Ezekiel 31:8

Scriptures related to Beauty in the biblical book Ezekiel: 9

Bible passages with ‘Beauty’ in Hohelied

My friend begins and says to me: Arise, my friend, come here, my beauty!
Hohelied 2:10

the knots of the fig tree redden, and the vines give off a scent of blossom; come on, my friend, my beauty, come on!
Hohelied 2:13

Scriptures related to Beauty in the biblical book Hohelied: 2

Bible passages with ‘Beauty’ in Isaiah

And instead of perfume there is decay, instead of a sash a rope, instead of a tangle of hair a bald head, instead of a robe a tight sack, and a burn instead of beauty.
Isaiah 3:24

Your eyes will see the king in his beauty, you will see the land enlarged.
Isaiah 33:17

The carver stretches out the rule, he traces it with a pencil, works it with carving knives, and marks it out with a compass; and he makes it like a man’s image, like the beauty of a man, that it dwells in a house.
Isaiah 44:13

Scriptures related to Beauty in the biblical book Isaiah: 3

Bible passages with ‘Beauty’ in Psalms

(H39-12) When you discipline a man for sin, you make his beauty perish like a moth; every human being is just a touch! (Break.)
Psalms 39:22

(H45-12) And if the king delights in your beauty (for he is your lord), worship him.
Psalms 45:22

From Zion, the perfection of beauty, the splendor of God breaks out.
Psalms 50:2

Scriptures related to Beauty in the biblical book Psalms: 3

Bible passages with ‘Beauty’ in Proverbs

lest you lust after her beauty in your heart, and she not catch you with her eyelashes.
Proverbs 6:25

A man’s beauty is his kindness, and a poor man is better than a liar.
Proverbs 19:22

The beauty of young men is their strength, and the splendor of their gray hair is their gray hair.
Proverbs 20:29

grace captivates and beauty perishes; a woman who fears the Lord should be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

Number of the word / term ‘Beauty’ in Proverbs: 4

These Bible verses are from a 1951 translation of the Royalty Free Schlachter Translation.

Number of Bible verses found on the topic: 22

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