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Can a Christian Work on Sunday?

The question of working or not working on certain days is a thoroughly important one in the Christian West. In this article we want to ask the question: “May a Christian work on Sunday?”. The reasoning behind the answer is once again more complicated than it first appears.

A Christian may work on a Sunday if it is not against his conscience. However, it is more important for God to be honored all the time than on a particular day.

What does it say in the Bible about working on Sunday?

Before anyone can interject: Yes, presumably, according to Hebrew counting, Sunday is not the last day of the week, but Saturday, and thus the Sabbath. The Old Testament says, “Honor the Sabbath.” This traditionally means the 7th day of the week.

Let’s make it short: The law is no longer valid for Christians. Thus, neither does the requirement of the Sabbath. That begins with the circumcision, over meal commandments up to the 10 commandments! Jesus Christ died to free us from the burden of these laws. (Romans 8:1-2) Does that mean we don’t have to do anything now?

No. It means that the rules of the Old Testament simply no longer apply. In the new covenant with Jesus, different “rules” apply. These rules will not get anyone into heaven, but are kept by believers out of love for God. (Romans 6)

Can you work on sunday as a Christian?

Why Sunday, of all days, became a special day for Jesus is a matter of tradition. Whether this is because Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday or for some other reason is irrelevant.

Because: In the New Testament no fixed day is called, on which man should honor God and/or on a service should take place. We can assume that the early Christians kept the Sabbath (but not with the strict rules of the Pharisees).

What should it be like instead?

What should a Christian do on sunday?

Christians should do the same things on Sunday as they do on any other day of the week: practice charity, honor God, and spread the Word of God. Yes, you read that right: Every day, Not just one day a week.

Every day, and preferably at all times, we are to honor God, be there for others, and see to it that God’s Word is spread. Sunday is not a special day for the really important things.

However, the Bible teaches us that as Christians we are to meet regularly. In the book of Acts, we read that Christ’s followers met every day in some way. And every day taught each other in the Bible, sang and prayed.

We limit this to regular small groups and Sunday. Whether this is good or not, everyone must agree with his conscience (and the Holy Spirit) and react accordingly.

Is it a sin to work on sunday?

Perhaps one or the other gets scared because he has to work on Sundays for professional reasons (for example, in the fire department) and has a guilty conscience: The question of working on a Sunday is not a question between heaven and hell.

Faith and trust in Jesus Christ is the only way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The absolutely only one. Man cannot do or leave anything else to get to heaven. If you believe that Jesus is the Savior, a seat in heaven is certain.

But: If you permanently have a bad conscience to work on a Sunday (and constantly miss the service), you should probably change something. This can basically already only have a positive effect on life on this earth if you trust God. For eternity, it is the relationship with God that counts.

Summary – Can (or Should) a Christian Work on Sunday?

If we follow the Bible’s example completely, we would have to meet with other Christians every day. In the new covenant, there is no fixed day for God – every day is to be dedicated to God. Therefore, each Christian must decide for himself whether to work on Sunday or not.

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