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Is It Okay To Pray To The Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is a person from God. However, can we pray to the Holy Spirit? Or is he only an executive figure?

It is okay to pray to the Holy Spirit, as to Jesus and the Father. As believing Christians, we have the “right” to contact and pray to each and every one of the persons.

Is it wrong to pray to the Holy Spirit?

The bottom line is that just as much happens as if you pray to Jesus or the Father: Your prayer is answered. After all, the Father, Son and Spirit are one existence – and they promised to answer all our prayers.

I feel the Holy Spirit is more “tangible” than the other persons of God. When I pray for a good feeling from God, I ask the Holy Spirit for it. Because I know: this is the person whom God left as His personal representative. Therefore, I assume that I am taking a kind of short service route when I speak to the Holy Spirit directly.

But there I speak from pure speculation and from pure experience – this is not a biblical teaching, but “only” experienced everyday life with the Holy Spirit. Let us return to the question:

Is it allowed to pray to the Holy Spirit? Yes, but you don’t have to! As soon as you are saved, you have the Holy Spirit in you. He is your friend, helper, comforter and advisor. Try to listen to him – he will somehow tell you to whom you should best direct your prayer.

Some Christians warn against praying to the Holy Spirit. I certainly come from a very charismatic direction and have to wonder about that. The reasoning is as follows: A person prays “in” the Holy Spirit and “to” the Holy Spirit.

Why should we pray to the Holy Spirit?

  • The Holy Spirit IS God. According to common teaching, the Holy Spirit is a person from God. Thus, He has the same rights and duties as God Himself. The Holy Spirit is bound to the promises of the Father just as Jesus issued them. Since we as Christians may pray to God without any restriction, we may worship the Holy Spirit.
  • He is personally sent by Jesus as our Comforter. The Holy Spirit has been placed by our side as our comforter. He can certainly do this job better if we tell Him what we are lacking. He will be able to direct us better if he knows what we desire.
  • We are to have fellowship with him! In 2 Corinthians 13:13, Paul desires us to have good fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Of course, we can sit silently in a corner with the Holy Spirit, but a party just gets better with conversation.

Summary: Is It Okay To Pray To The Holy Spirit?

It is absolutely okay to pray to the Holy Spirit. You will find complex interpretations elsewhere on the Internet as to why prayer is ineffective and one should not worship the Holy Spirit – I recommend; Use the gift of God and talk to the Holy Spirit.

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