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When Do Christians Pray?

In most religions, it is common for believers to pray at a certain time. But when do Christians actually pray? Are there fixed rituals for times? Are there fixed times? And what happens if one does not keep to these times?

First of all, let’s say that when Christians pray is a very personal decision of each believer! Christianity is more about the personal relationship with God than about dealing with certain rituals. Praying is one of them.

At these times Christians pray

Christians usually pray at the following times:

  • at breakfast
  • at lunch
  • at supper
  • before going to sleep
  • after getting up
  • during the church service
  • at funerals
  • at weddings
  • during bible study
  • after other occasions at will

However, even if the core statement in the introduction is true, there are, by tradition, certain times when Christians pray together or individually.

As you can see from these examples, Christians pray very often. What they don’t do: they don’t pray at certain times that are prescribed by anyone as a religious practice. Nor, by the way, do they offer anything in a particular direction. Christians try to maintain a regular and if possible also constant contact with God, so prayer is more of a support help during their daily works.

Therefore, there may be Christians who pray during every important and incorrect activity. This can be, for example, during shopping. Some Christians ask God to show them where something is! Others just pray during the day because they remember that their friends are writing an exam.

When can you pray in Christianity?

As you can see from the examples above, there are no clock times there. When a Christian always tries to integrate God into his everyday life and to keep constant contact with him. Most Christians do this by simply praying to God during certain repetitive activities during the day and asking for his help.

For example, the timing of breakfast is as variable for Christians as it is for everyone else.

Can Christians pray anytime?

As I mentioned earlier, Christians do not pray at certain times, but when they feel like it. This is because no special arrangements are needed to talk to God. While other religions require certain prerequisite, such as a prayer rug, this is not the case in Christianity.

Short excursion into the background of Christianity

This is because Jesus Christ removed all obstacles to speaking with God. How he did this is a deep theological question that can be simply abbreviated with the following statement: Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we might have free access to God. We realize this, as Christians, because we can speak (pray) directly and unmediated with God.

Also, we do not need an intermediary between us and God. No pastor is needed or no priest or no bishop or no pope to mediate between us and God. Every single believer has a personal line to God. Of course, the persons just mentioned can help this very relationship to become clear for a person. For example, by helping to introduce the principles into one’s life.

Christians do not pray at fixed times because they do not have to. They can, metaphorically speaking, race before God’s throne and talk to Him at any time. How they address God, by the way, is also up to each believer. Some call him her some Memmingen father some call him ruler of the universe. With the time also the address or the personal relationship to God changes nothing at the time of the praying.

What is the right time to pray?

As I already wrote: A Christian is not bound to certain prayer times! There are no specific times at which prayers must be said. At most the relationship between him and God suffers from it! But this is then a super critical matter for eternity, which could entail hell. Because then it could be that the connection between him and God is not right and God does not recognize him on the last day.

Therefore, many Christians have gotten into the habit of talking to God as a ritual. For example, to make a so-called “silent time” every day. How long this goes or when this takes place, is also left to each believer himself this time but is dedicated to God alone and serves to build a relationship.

The right time to pray is when the Christian feels it is right.

What does the Bible say about times to pray?

As one can read from the text, there are no fixed times of prayer in the Bible. Also from the practices of the persons from the Bible a kind of recommendation can be derived – they always prayed when they felt it necessary or when they met together.

Fixed times (in the sense of: time) do not exist in the Bible. Nevertheless, prayers are an important part when Christians meet in the Bible.

When do (or should) Christians pray?

In summary, Christians pray when they want help from God or want to spend some time with Him. It doesn’t matter if they do it three times a day or ten times or in a certain way.

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