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Will Buddhists Go To Heaven?

In this article, we explore the question of whether Buddhists go to heaven or somehow not? The answer is clear – even if you discount the fact that this blog is a Christian blog.

Buddhists do not go to heaven. From a Christian perspective, Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. Buddhist nirvana is no match for the Christian understanding of heaven.

Buddhists and the Question of the Way to Heaven

When Christianity speaks of salvation, it speaks of something different than when a Buddhist speaks of salvation. Even the basic idea seems to be the same for the time being: Both religions want to escape the horrors of this world and this is only really possible after death.

Also, the theory that someone could work his way into this status is quite present in both – but: A Christian knows that he cannot make it. In the Bible, he sees the different and high demands that are placed on a person so that he can exist with God.

This standard does not exist in Buddhism. In Buddhism, a kind of inner force is stimulated to bring the whole mind into a certain state so that it is no longer attached to the world. This is of course a very strong simplification on both sides of the religions, but transports the basic idea quite well.

Salvation is therefore the detachment from the influences of this world. If you put it this way, Christianity and Buddhism are identical. However, the Buddhist tries to get rid of all influences of the world and to “detach” himself from this world. A Christian, on the other hand, “only” wants to redeem himself from the “evil” influences.

Representation of heaven by Buddhists and Christians

To put it in advance: Buddhists do not know heaven. It is a kind of status from which man is redeemed from the cycle of dying again and again and suffering. Whereby all influences of this world somehow lead to the increase of suffering. The goal is, so to speak, a permanent non-existence.

This is of course a fundamental distinction between to the Christian representation: In the Christian account, there is no permanent rebirth. At some point in the future, a Christian is brought back to life by God so that he can live in a perfect world alongside God. Man thus becomes part of a perfect world without pain.

This actually explains the biggest difference of the heaven depiction. To simplify: Buddhists do not know heaven. That means also from the view of a Buddhist this does not come into the heaven, but into the Nirvana.

Why Buddhists do not go to heaven (Christian view).

But from the Christian point of view, it is not possible for a Buddhist to go to heaven. This already starts with the basic assumption of Buddhists: They assume that they have to work in this life for the next life. So they have to lead a perfect, God-centered life in this life, so that they have any chance at all to go to heaven through their works (the technical word for “deeds”).

Christians assume that only one mistake, in these leads to the fact that the entrance to the heavenly kingdom is blocked. Even the fact that a Buddhist does not believe in one (let alone THE God) is a major violation of the conditions to enter heaven.

But now, if all people violate the rules – how can Christians be sure that they will go to heaven? Quite “simple”: they trust in the man Jesus Christ, who (because he is God) could live a perfect life and still died. This sacrifice enables all who believe in it to have eternal life in heaven.

So whoever does not believe in Jesus will not go to heaven – With Buddhists, this is clearly the case.

How can Buddhists go to heaven?

Buddhists, like any other human being, can go to heaven only one way: By accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and “fulfiller” of the conditions for Heaven. It is not possible for Buddhists (and other people) to “work” their way to heaven. Only Jesus Christ and His sacrifice is the way.

Buddhists, by the way, are not reborn just because they are Buddhists. The Christian conception also includes the punishment of all who did not accept Jesus as the redeemed after death – that means: Buddhists also have only this one life to reach heaven. There are simply no more possibilities.


Do Buddhists go to heaven? Buddhists do not go to heaven. There is only one way to heaven – and that is Jesus Christ. Also in the imagination of Buddhists they do not go to heaven, but “only” to the Buddhist Nirvana. The idea of nirvana is not identical with the Christian heaven.

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