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What Does A Fish Symbolize On A Car?

Maybe you’ve seen it before: On some cars there is an indicated fish, whose fin is not closed. It distinguishes a believer. But: Why do Christians have a fish on their car?

It is a sign, which is older that the cross. It reminds of the persecution of Christians more than 2000 years ago. At that time, Christianity did not yet exist with the “cool” branding of the cross. At that time it was just the fish.

Why is the Jesus symbol a fish?

On the one hand, the fish recalls the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves (in which Jesus multiplied a handful of loaves and fish), on the other hand, the word “fish” is an abbreviation in Greek:

Ichthys – fish. Here the word consists of several syllables, which wierrum have their own meaning.

  • I → Jesus
  • CH → Christ
  • TH → God
  • Y → Son
  • S → Savior

Thus, the whole Christianity is summarized once. Thus, the fish symbol has several meanings. On the other hand, the fish could also have found practical applications – by the fact that this was relatively easy to paint. More about this in the next section.

Why do Christians have a fish on their car?

Why a car, of all things? I don’t know why a car of all things was chosen as the target for this symbol. I also can’t really explain the transfer from the original places to a car: In the past, the fish signs were painted on the walls of the catacombs so that Christians could recognize each other. How now the transfer from stone walls to cars came about… well… trend, I suppose?

Now most probably think of a cross rather than a fish when it comes to Christianity. The fish, however, is still considered a kind of insider symbol and connects Christians worldwide. There are two approaches as to why it became a fish of all things:

The practical approach would be that the fish is relatively easy to paint:

  • a) If you first paint the upper half on the wall, you get a harmless semicircle,
  • b) the part opposite can then add the lower half to complete the implied fish.

The figure drawn in this way can quickly identify both parties without them having to speak. The second meaning here lies in Jesus Christ’s saying to Peter that he would make him the fisher of men. Since Peter was the fisher of men, logically everyone else was the fish. Whatever explanation one may use, it means in any case to identify oneself as a Christian.

What is the fish sticker on cars?

Thus, wearing the fish in public (whether on the car or not) is a symbol of: “I am a Christian and acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life”. This confession is more than just professing something. With it, the faith community of Christians expresses the cohesion among themselves – under the fish symbol, which was an ancient sign of persecuted Christians.

Logically, a Christian is not required to wear a fish on his car. But it is required of a Christian that he stands by Jesus Christ. This can be in a conversation or even through certain signs. Whether this is done by a T-shirt or only by speech or by a cross in the front yard or by a fish on the car… it doesn’t matter. The important thing for God and Jesus is: When it comes down to it, the believer should stand by God.

Taking a step into the public with his faith can help to gain this firmness in faith.

Why the faith community of Christians has now chosen a fish symbol and not the typical cross is probably purely due to tradition. It could be subconsciously that a Christian chooses the fish because it is the better “insider” symbol for the faith.

Which way does the fish symbol go?

Can we read anything from the type of fish glued on? I tried to approach this question seriously: I have not found any regulations on how the symbol must be attached. But: very often it is placed at the back of the car – then on the right side slightly above the bumper.

There are theories that the viewing direction (i.e. whether the snout of the fish is left or right) is relevant. The fish is always said to be “swimming against the current” and thus facing against the current. If you think to yourself now: In which direction does the current actually flow? Then congratulations: I have probably been dealing with this question for too long than it should make sense and have not found a clever answer for it.

The upside down sticking or attaching of the fish is supposed to be a satanic symbol; roughly comparable with the rotation of the cross. Probably all Satanists are laughing now, if they see a fish, which is stuck on the wrong way around. Only the meaning of the “I am a Christian” is then nevertheless clearly more well-known, than an allegedly wrongly attached fish.

Why do Christians have a fish on their car – a short overview

  • The fish on the car stands for a short creed in Christianity.
  • Jesus also called his disciples fishers of men. (Hence the fish)
  • In the beginning it was a secret symbol for mutual recognition

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