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How To Ask Jesus For Something

In this article we want to take care of the topic “Asking Jesus for something”. Many Christians are afraid to do something wrong or don’t know how to ask Jesus (or God) for something correctly.

Here you will find a guide on how to ask Jesus for something. But always keep in mind: Don’t think of it as a wish list. Always keep in mind: You are talking to a person!

Step 1: Preparation

Before you ask God for something, you should prepare a little. As a first step, you should be clear about what you want to ask God for. Keep in mind that God will only respond if your request is in accordance with His desire.

This sounds more complicated than it really is: God does not fulfill prayers that are purely for your entertainment and are rather worldly. Prayers that other people get well can of course always be said. The million euros in the account, however, rather less.

The right place

Then you should look for a place that is quiet and you will not be disturbed while praying. Of course, you can also pray quickly between door and corner and ask God for something – but: If you are not yet practiced in praying God for something, then rather in a quiet place.

That is also the only conditions for the place. It does not have to be specially prepared or anything like that.

The right time

As with the place, the time should be a quiet moment. It should be possible for you to concentrate completely on God!

Step 2: Thank Jesus by simply talking to him

Before you tell Jesus everything you want from him, you should thank him for listening to you and that you can go to him! Keep in mind that Jesus has made this bridge for you and that you are using his sacrifice.

By the way, it is not necessary to have a certain attitude of prayer. It is also not necessary that you say certain words. (However, if you feel that certain words do not fit – then leave them out) Speak from “your heart,” as the saying goes.

The Holy Spirit, it says in the Bible, will translate your prayer and God will understand it. So trust in it!

Step 3: Speak out your request

At this point, it is time to tell God what you are asking Him for. The same applies as in Step 2: Just say it and trust that God hears you. He will.

Keep it short and say (only) as much as you need to say. God doesn’t hear you better just because you say more. Trust that He hears you and heeds your prayer.


If you have made your request, then Jesus has heard your word;- whether he hears it is another question! It can be useful to worship God again and again with the same request. This seems to add a little emphasis in the Kingdom of Heaven and increase the possibility that God will hear your prayer.

Don’t forget to thank God, Jesus, and/or the Holy Spirit at the end for allowing you to pray to Him.

Then the hard part begins: waiting. Sometimes it takes years before you see the result of your prayer – or not at all. Why that is or is not the case is entirely up to God. This is where trusting God comes in.

Optional Step: Underscore with Fasting

There are certain requests that are more important to you than others. Classic examples are prayers for the healing of certain people or other urgencies that “get you down.”

In such cases, the Bible gives us the hint that we can fast. I.e. not to eat anything. In this way we give emphasis to our prayer and show God that we really mean it and that in case of doubt he will please change his mind.

Of course, this is not a guarantee, but it is an aid that is confirmed by the Bible.

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