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How To Ask Jesus For A Miracle

This article is intended to serve as a guide for asking Jesus for a miracle. The emphasis is on guide – there simply cannot be a fixed set of instructions on how to pray or what exact words to use. Jesus is not a request machine, but a being with whom you can have a relationship.

When you ask Jesus for a miracle, it only works in prayer (with the support of fasting if necessary). You have to tell Him what you desire and ask Him for it again and again. Do not forget: He alone is the King over everything and everyone and each act happens exclusively from his will.

Basically, that was the entire summary. But the trick is in the details.

A brief guide: How can I ask Jesus for a miracle?

In this section I would like to summarize the steps that are “necessary” to ask Jesus for a miracle. The rest of the text deals with the fact that this instruction has more edges than it seems at first.

How to ask Jesus for a miracle

  • Trust that Jesus will hear you.
  • Speak your problems honestly and openly before Jesus
  • Praise Jesus with all your heart
  • Fast when needed
  • Trust in Jesus

How do you pray to Jesus for a miracle?

Prayer and fasting are the two methods to present one’s desire to Jesus. Prayer begins with saying something and directing it inwardly to Jesus. (If you have trouble directing it, imagine him as a person standing right next to you).

Then speak to Jesus with whatever is bothering you. Tell him freely. As the ruler of the universe, he will already know, but practice shows that it is better to say it again at that moment. The words you use don’t matter. A prayer is not witchcraft that requires certain words in a certain place to work.

A New Testament text (Romans 8:26) describes that the (Holy) Spirit “translates” our words so that Jesus can receive and understand them. Yes, even a sigh can be a complete prayer in this case. The attitude of the heart before Jesus is more important than what is said – though what is said helps determine the attitude of the heart.

To keep it simple: If you yourself don’t believe that Jesus can’t attack in the situation through a miracle, then there is something wrong with the heart attitude. Harshly said, but certainly true. Similarly, if you need Jesus only as a miracle worker and call him only when everything is in trouble anyway, then there is something wrong with your heart attitude.

Ask Jesus for miracles through fasting

In the Bible, it is taken for granted that believers fast. In the Old Testament this is a regular practice and also in the New Testament it is taken for granted that fasting has an effect. The subject of fasting is even part of Jesus’ most important sermon – the Sermon on the Mount!

Certainly thousands of pages and text can be written about the topic of Christian fasting. However, I would like to keep it short at this point, focusing on the topic of asking for miracles.

Fasting can be understood as an intensification of a request to Jesus. Fasting is practiced in addition to regular prayer to show Jesus how much one cares.

To what extent or what needs to be fasted is understood very differently in Christianity. When the Bible speaks of fasting, it speaks of complete, voluntary abstinence from food and drink. Whether this all-or-nothing approach to fasting makes sense and convinces Jesus is questionable.

It is important to understand the relationship with Jesus: He is not an automaton! My recommendation on fasting, if you really need a miracle, is this: Renounce something that really hurts you! Show Jesus that you are serious – but don’t hurt yourself in the process!

Can’t give up a favorite thing? Then fast that one. Show Jesus that you really mean it!

Praise Jesus for His Miracles

Asking Jesus for a miracle seems to have a lot of complicated rules, huh? The secret is: these rules apply to every prayer with Jesus, only amplified. For example, if you already pray to Jesus regularly, pray to Jesus even more often. If you already fast regularly, add to it. If you already praise Jesus regularly… praise Him even more!

Praise seems to be a bit of music and good words with some believers and non-believers – in the Bible it is a serious thing that is very important! Praise Jesus for the things He has already done and thank Him for answering your prayers! If you are really brave, thank him that he will fulfill the needed miracle!

But thank him also that he knows better and that he alone is in control of everything and everyone. Thank him for walking with and in his wisdom.

God’s promises: Asking for Jesus miracles with the Bible

Jesus promises are available to all believers if they firmly believe in them. They are not just any phrases, but personal promises from Jesus. That is, if you find a promise in the Bible that can help with your miracle, remind Jesus of that promise. Because he has already promised it to you.

But the best thing is: There are many promises that are generally related to prayers and answers to prayers. Here I have collected some passages for you.

  • Mark 10:27
  • Luke 8:27
  • Luke 8:50
  • Jeremiah 32:27
  • Colossians 4:2
  • Matthew 6:10

To hear is not to fulfill

I write this section very reluctantly. Because this section describes the possibility that the desired miracle will not come true. That is why it says miracle: unfortunately, it is not a matter of course that Jesus fulfills this request.

Yes. Jesus hears you and your request. And yes. Jesus sees all the efforts of fasting. And yes. Yet he does not perform the miracle you ask for.

Does he hate you because of that? Have you done too little, if necessary? Please try not to develop such thoughts! It is, for us humans, regularly absolutely incomprehensible how something happens why. Jesus is sovereign and we should thank Him for the possibility that we can ask Him for miracles at any time.

Even if we as Christians can already now participate in the kingdom of Jesus, and in his impossibilities, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus remains sovereign and has the last word.

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