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Do Christians Use Prayer Rugs?

In every religion there are different traditions and duties that must be fulfilled. For example, people who come from non-Christian religions use rugs to pray on. This article deals with the question of whether such a prayer rug is also necessary in Christianity.

The simple answer is: No. There is no need for a prayer rug. Read on and learn why it is not about externals, such as prayer rugs or certain directions in prayers.

Why are prayer rugs used at all?

To understand what makes Jesus’ teaching on prayer so special, we need to look briefly at how Islam provides for its prayers: There, 5 prayers are performed every day, directed towards Mecca; require certain words in the prayer, as well as a correct and identical prayer posture. All of this is to be done on a clean surface, which provides a prayer rug.

Each one of these principles does not apply in Christianity. It is the inner attitude towards God that is more important than the form of prayer. For God, it doesn’t matter how you pray, if the prayer is serious. For God it does not matter which attitude you take before God, if you mean it seriously.

It is not necessary to pray in a certain direction or in a certain place. God hears the prayer. It really does not matter whether a prayer rug is used or not!

Why Christians don’t need prayer rugs

Some may have heard of the prayer called “Our Father” in Christianity. This is not considered by Christians to be an absolute and universal prayer. This prayer comes from Jesus personally and describes how and in what attitude to pray. It does not prescribe exact words. Every person can talk to God without knowing this (or other prayers in the Bible).

By the way, we have taken apart the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer on this blog. Click here to go to the verse-by-verse explanation.

It’s also always interesting to read the word “performed” in reference to prayers. It always sounds like a Muslim has to say those prayers over and over again, even when he doesn’t feel like it. Even if he is angry with God, or he would like to say something else.

Again, God does want us to talk to Him;- but it should not become an obligation. It is more honest to pray once a day than dishonest several times. God expects a relationship that is nurtured with His Word and prayers. Prayer should not be a compulsory event.

This article once again uses a lot of words to answer an apparent yes/no question. Is it necessary to use a prayer rug in Christianity? Jesus does not give any guidelines and relies more on the heart than on fixed forms.

Tips for new Christians or those interested

I strongly suspect, if you found this text via Google, that you are interested in Christianity or – even better – are a fresh Christian or want to become a Christian. Then I would like to give you this tip: If you have always done your prayer with a prayer mat in the past, then deliberately leave it out. Put your prayer rug aside and learn to pray in a “new” way.

This will help you to break away from old traditions and get to know God better. In Christianity there are no fixed forms of prayer.

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