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How To Give Your Life To Christ

Congratulations on your journey with our Lord Jesus Christ. You have already met some of Him and now you really want to “get down to business”? I think that’s great! A life surrender prayer is probably the most important step in your eternal journey with God. Depending on who you ask, it may be THE most important for starting with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

With a life surrender prayer (also “surrender prayer to Jesus”) you are asking Jesus to remit your sins, asking Him into your life and promising to walk the rest of your life with Him.

Therefore, I think it is absolutely important to understand what you are actually doing! A life surrender prayer is not just a “quick” prayer. If you are serious about it, it will change your life: Since that moment you may call yourself a Christian.

When should I give my life to Christ?

I am a fan of people saving their spirit or future body from the fires of hell – don’t get me wrong, but by praying you are also paying the highest price a person can pay.

It costs you your life.

Please take this seriously! Only when you are ready to give your whole life to Jesus, you should say the life surrender prayer. I have written down some points that you should know beforehand.

Note: Of course, I don’t want to stop you. I just want to make sure you know what’s involved – and what’s not. If your heart is already on fire for Jesus, you have a prayer life, and you read the Bible: Then don’t let me stop you!

In the end, not following your conscience is the greatest sin.

Important questions before you give your life to Jesus Christ

The following statements form the core of (evangelical) Christianity. So before you give your whole life to Jesus, you should know what is behind these principles. You do not have to have mastered them, but you must have understood their importance.

When you are ready, you can give your life to Jesus with the Sinner’s prayer.

  • You should accept the Bible as God’s Word
  • You should see Jesus as the only way to come to God
  • You should believe that there is exactly and precisely one God
  • …and that He consists of three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • You should believe in an ultimate judgment after death.
  • You should have understood that Jesus does not always make you happy in this world.
  • You should have understood that Jesus is not the way to earthly wealth.
  • You should have understood that the surrender should result in a way of life and corresponding consequences.

Especially the last three points are on my heart: Jesus will give the blessings. Jesus has promised to provide for you on this earth: through a life surrender prayer there is no Porsche at your door yet!

How to fully give your life to Christ: Surrender Prayer vs. Baptism

Depending on the church you are in (and if you are not yet in one, you should seek one out at the latest after the surrender of life!) the meaning of baptism vs. surrender of life can be evaluated differently.

I have learned it as follows and am of the opinion it makes so sense:

With the surrender of life you become a Christian. There you make a promise before God to follow Him. This “proof” to God, if you mean it sincerely, is enough to see Jesus again in paradise.

Let’s think about the criminal who was nailed to the cross next to Jesus. His only words were to ask Jesus to consider him. In response, Jesus promises that they will see each other in the Kingdom of Heaven in a moment,

This man on the cross does not need many words. Jesus saw his heart and saw his testimony. For purely practical reasons, no baptism could be performed either. Nevertheless, Jesus let him go to heaven. Therefore, I say: A life surrender prayer already makes you a Christian!

But: A baptism is not unimportant and should follow soon! This is a sign for the people, Jesus commanded it and his disciples practiced it. Further would blow up the topic “life handing over”.

Let’s take care of other points…

Do I receive the Holy Spirit when I surrender my life?

I do not know. Even experienced pastors cannot answer this question with certainty. It seems to be very different for each person. Some already receive the Holy Spirit at that moment, others only at baptism.

But one thing is certain: You can also ask for the Holy Spirit as part of the prayer of life surrender!

However, this should not be your focus, but asking for the forgiveness of your sins.

How to surrender your life to Christ through prayer

There is no “one” prayer for life surrender. Like the relationship with God, the prayer should be very personal. In many sources you will find short and long prayers that seem to be the key.

Of course, these prayers work if you are serious about them. But I personally recommend a personal prayer. Of course, you may use one of the following templates, but please supplement it with personal words.

These can be sins that come to your mind or incidents that you should bring before God. Ask the Holy Spirit to accompany you in the process.

Text of a life surrender prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,

I come before you as the sinner that I am and ask for mercy. I ask that my sins be blotted out and that I begin a life with you. A life on this earth and after the resurrection. Lord, I trust that you are the only way to God and want to help me. Help me to follow you and become a good disciple.
Thank you that you always hear my prayer and will hear it in the future.

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