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How To Pray For Deliverance And Break Demonic Influences

A deliverance prayer is one of the most powerful tools a believing Christian has at his disposal. With it, the believer asks Almighty God to deliver someone else or himself from bad influences. In this article you will get background knowledge and a three step plan against demonic influences.

The important thing to understand is this: A deliverance prayer, like any prayer, is not a magic incantation to be recited, it is for the praying person to place all faith and trust in God and the deliverance of salvation through Jesus Christ and to constantly ask God to intervene.

Here you can read how to do that.

What the prayer of liberation is not

On the Internet, you don’t find very much on the subject of “deliverance prayer”. Often you can find pre-formulated prayers that give you the impression that you have to say them exactly and exactly like that. As I wrote before: Like any prayer, the prayer of deliverance is not bound to specific words. So forget about “having” to use specific words!

What is right: certain requests and petitions to God should be formulated. What these are and what to consider, I will describe in the actual instructions.

What is also wrong: You don’t need any objects. No holy water. No blessed cross. No wooden stake. God cannot be bound to objects.

Be Ready for Deliverance from Evil

What you need, however, is firm faith. You must be sure that God is working. When you pray for someone, the uninvited guest may resist. And not too little.

Very rarely do such squatters get seriously physical, but physical symptoms will definitely be able to appear.

The following shows small excerpts from the documentary film “Furios Love”. This one is about the work of God and the Holy Spirit. I really don’t want to scare you, just warn you. It is real.

Trailer for ” Furious Love” – Just the first minutes show demonically obsessed people.
I urge you: if your faith is not firm enough or you already recoil at the sight from the trailer – be honest with yourself! It would be better for you to let someone else do the deliverance. You yourself could become a new victim.

But if you are sure that you can do it – here are the three steps.

Step One: Save Yourself

You want to say a deliverance prayer for someone else? The first step is to secure yourself. It may be that such an uninvited guest likes to take another body. If it goes wrong, it will be you!

To prevent this, ask God for assistance and his protection. Remind Him that every Christian is called to do the same deeds as Jesus. Be clear who you are working with here: You are not working with “the God of Adam,” but with your Father.

There are many negative examples in the Bible of people who make a mistake right here. (These are then beaten up by demons and run away naked) The details and interpretations don’t matter for this 3-step plan. Important: Be aware that you are under the protection of Jesus Christ and claim this protection from God for yourself.

Step 2: Saying the deliverance prayer

Step 2 is what is commonly known as the ” deliverance prayer”: asking over and over again for the demon to leave the body and release it. While doing this, keep your heart and thoughts open.

It is often in this situation that the Holy Spirit interjects things that are important for deliverance. These can be many factors:

  • A family curse
  • Bad sexual behavior
  • A certain television series
  • Obvious occult actions
  • obvious satanic acts
  • false gods

and so on and so forth. Sometimes you just have bad luck and “catch” a demon simply because it was possible for him. For the worshipper (i.e. you) it is not necessarily important to find out what the source and the access to the body is.

More important is the question: What exactly do you need to ask for in the deliverance prayer in order for your prayer to be most effective? The answer is: it depends. Listen to the Holy Spirit and what He gives you and pray for it or against it. He will accompany you.

God also wants people to get rid of their demons!

This step can take a long time. Really long. From 15 minutes to hours. Sometimes deliverance is not even possible. In most cases the victim is then not ready to let go of the demon or you are dealing with a mean kind of possession.

Again, listen to the Holy Spirit!

Step 3: Sealing

The victim will notice when the demon has left the body and the deliverance prayer has been successful. This is where the follow-up care begins: Pray together to be shown the next steps and work together to keep the doors closed to demons.

Again, the Holy Spirit is your friend here. Some classic things in this step are the following:

  • Remove objects of foreign religions from your home (yes, even the fat Buddha).
  • Avoid television shows with corresponding content
  • Check motifs on clothes

Short version: The Deliverance Prayer

Here are the three steps in summary: Step 1: Secure yourself; Step 2: Pray with confidence; Step 3: Secure liberation.

For Step 2, it can be difficult to find the right words. Therefore, I have written down a possible beginning for you here. Important: These are not magic words, but an aid for a personal prayer!

Prayer of liberation from evil (text template)

I ask for the breaking of all curses of pride, obsessive desires, rebellion against you, witchcraft and sorcery, worship of men and things, greed, fear, confusion, death and destruction of hearts in the name of Jesus Christ my Savior.

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