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Will Agnostics Go To Heaven?

This article certainly deals with the question whether agnostics go to heaven or rather to hell. After all, do agnostics somehow believe in God in their own way?

Do agnostics go to heaven? Agnostics do not go to heaven. Just believing in any god does not save, but only believing in Jesus Christ and his saving message.

Will agnostics go to heaven or hell?

I say it clearly here and I say it clearly: agnostics will not go to heaven. If you do not believe God in yourself, and Jesus as your Savior, then you – like every non-Christian – will end up in hell after you die.

This is, quite unfortunately, the brutal truth and I wish it were not true.

Of course, God can somehow make it possible for a person to go to heaven;- but it is not an absolutely sure thing, there is no example of it in the Bible and therefore one should not bet on the possibility and assume that this possibility does not exist.

Why don’t agnostics go to heaven?

Actually, agnostics sound totally logical: They assume that they can neither prove nor disprove a God. They assume that human logic is absolutely insufficient to prove the existence of a God per se by rational logic – so agnostics keep the question open for themselves.

This makes them quite tolerant in worldview questions, especially concerning divine beings;- but this is not a condition to get into heaven (in the sense of paradise).

It is absolutely important a) that a God exists b) that this corresponds to the description of the Bible and c) to draw appropriate consequences from it.

The agnostic is characterized by the fact that point a) is already not clarified for him. Let alone point B. For an agnostic it can be or not be. Accordingly, no consequence can be made in point c).

But this is what God demands. God demands him to accept as God and to act accordingly – times quite simply expressed. If this has not happened, heaven is not attainable for such people.

How can agnostics go to heaven?

Is there a sure way for agnostics to go to heaven, when the principle of agnostics is not to commit themselves? The only known possibility is to turn from this position and accept the Christian God and His work of redemption (“gift for man”).

For this, it must be recognized that there is a problem. For this, in turn, some conditions must be accepted, which an agnostic does not reject, but is simply not fixed: The Christian God exists. He man violates the laws of this very God. Thus, the way to paradise is actually barred to him.

These three sentences show the basic problem of all people. They violate (consciously or unconsciously) the laws of God and can therefore no longer go to heaven. (In case any Christian is reading this: I know it can get “fiddlier,” but this is about the basic principle.)

Can agnostics believe in Jesus?

So the problem of agnostics is identical to that of all other non-Christians.

At the beginning I wrote something about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to us on earth and then was executed. The joke of it is that he didn’t have to die;- he died so that we could get rid of our sins (that is, breaking the laws of God).

So an agnostic must understand that not only is there a problem between him and God, but that Jesus is that solution to it. He must understand that Jesus paid for access to heaven.

As the only solution. Since an agnostic leaves all possibilities open, he cannot believe in the “right” Jesus – the Jesus who is the only way to God!

Only through Jesus do agnostics go to heaven

Here lies the next challenge for agnostics: the acceptance of Jesus requires not only the acceptance of all these conditions above, but their exclusivity.

Theoretically, it would be possible for an agnostic to keep all doors “open” and in principle just follow any religion somehow. Any one will be right and any one could or could not be wrong, which contains a divine being, as the Bible describes it. After scheme: Simply times all follow, the correct one will be under it.

“Unfortunately” Jesus demands exclusivity. Jesus alone. He alone is the way to heaven. He alone! Who assumes that there are other ways to paradise / heaven, is wrong.

Even if this exclusivity is not a problem in principle with agnostics (because these are not determined “only” with the question about God), the question about a special God – as it is the case with Christianity – is not a question which is subject to an unambiguous answer.

Ergo: An agnostic will only go to heaven if he stops being an agnostic and acknowledges Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

My relative is agnostic and has died – what now?

There are many people (Christian or not) who are simply worried about a person who has already died. If this then knows that the deceased person did not really want to have anything to do with God, they are -justified- afraid what will happen to this person after death.

I do not know how to formulate the following message with gentle words. Therefore, I will start with a phrase that people like to say in such situations: God is a God of love.

That sounds good at first, and in principle it is true. But it does not really explain what really happened to the deceased agnostic! There is no reference to the fact that God gives the possibility to see his sins after the death. This must always happen during one’s lifetime. Always.

Whatever is suggested by this answer: It should not really be biblically tenable. The hard truth is this:

The dead agnostic will find himself in hell. He is a sinner who has not accepted Jesus. The opportunity is lost. He will never go to heaven again. He will spend the rest of his existence in hell.

At this point it should be mentioned: hell is not a nice place and the eternal existence in paradise is clearly preferable to it! This is unfortunately the truth.


Agnostics do not go to heaven. They are considered like any sinner before God and block their way there. The only way for agnostics to get to heaven is to stop being agnostics and accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

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