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Is There A Reunion After Death?

In this article we want to answer the question whether there is a reunion with loved ones after death. In Christianity, this question is clearly answered.

It is possible to see a person again after death, if you yourself have died. However, it is possible that the other person is not in the same place in the afterlife as you are. In this case, a reunion is unlikely.

Where does a person go after death?

To determine whether you will see each other again after death, you should first clarify where you actually end up when you die. The Bible is pretty clear on this: either you end up in hell or you end up in heaven. Some now also put it this way: Either you are with God or you are in hell.

Not the physical body goes to this place, but only a part of the “being”. In the linguistic usage this part is called soul. But in many places in the Bible it is spoken of that the spirit of man goes to one of these places.

Likewise, these places are described as what they are: Places. There are some interpretations that describe heaven and hell as a state of the soul. In this case, hell is no other word than “being turned away from God” and heaven is “being with God.” However, this does not correspond to the picture of the Bible. The Bible speaks of all places with real fire, with the pain or with real joy!

How is it decided where a person goes after death?

The simple version is this: Normally all people go to hell (far away from God, pain !) This is simply due to the nature of man. However, God has given us the opportunity to free ourselves from guilt (which take us to hell) and go to heaven. For this it is necessary in “occasionally in” to believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and as “scapegoat” of our guilt (sin).

Why it is possible that you will not see each other again after death.

We do not know exactly where heaven and hell are. It can be assumed that hell is directly under our feet. The position of heaven, or the kingdom of heaven is, is not directly clear. Also, there is the matter of the “Millennial Kingdom” revealed in Revelation.

However, we know one thing for sure: Heaven is not located near Hell. Therefore, it will also be difficult for people to look into hell from heaven or to look into heaven from hell.

We follow the biblical logic and assume that the Bible is under our feet and the Kingdom of Heaven is above us.

The matter of Abraham’s bosom

In the Gospel of Luke we find an interesting parable that it tells something about the condition before the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Luke 16,22 ff). Namely the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. By the (detail-rich) names and details we can assume that it concerns here not a parable, but a narration, with genuine origin.

Here it is possible for Lazarus to look into a part of the hell and to see the rich man. Likewise it is described that the two areas, thus there where Lazarus is and there where the rich man is, are separated by a big ditch. That means: Already at this place not all people can visit each other.

This place, where Lazarus is, has no certain name in the narration. This one is called simply “Abraham’s bosom”. The most likely explanation for this place is that Jews went there to keep the Jewish laws and believed in the Messiah. During the three days of the resurrection, Jesus pretty much descended there and took all the people out of there and brought them to heaven. Therefore, it can be assumed that this place (Abraham’s shoot) I dissolved.

Or to make it short: We do not know the position of the Kingdom of Heaven of God. However, the Bible always describes it as being above our heads (in heaven). So far away that we could see someone again. How this exactly takes place, although a space exists, is not further written.

Hope for a reunion after death may be made

Is there nevertheless a hope for a reunion after death? We can assume this! But this is only possible if the person is in the same place. In this case: heaven or hell.

The only way to go to heaven, and thus to have a reunion with a happy outcome, is to be “united” with Jesus Christ. This is only possible if one has invited Jesus Christ into one’s life and has acknowledged Him as Savior. Who has not done this, will be pretty sure in hell or, come. (even if of course God has the last word there).

At this point it is also said again: Hell is a pretty stupid place to let. Therefore, one should personally see if possible to go to heaven. To renounce this possibility only to be able to see another person again with it is not clever. According to the biblical description, permanent punishment for one’s sins awaits one in hell.

The Bible describes it with fire. With fire for all eternity.

Therefore, it may well be better to do without seeing another person again (if they are not Christians, i.e. with Jesus), in order to make one’s eternity bearable for oneself.

Decision before the judgment of God

The effects after death described here are relatively striking. We thus skip a decisive moment that is crucial for the human future.

Namely, the judgment before God.

Before a human being goes to heaven or hell, he must appear before a court. The judge is God personally. This decides how a person lives in eternity. Who is not in the “book of life”, he goes to hell. The only way (!) to get into this book is Jesus Christ.

Uncomfortable questions and direct answers

Will I see my mom again in heaven?

Whether or not someone will see his or her mother again in heaven depends entirely on how the relationship with Jesus Christ is. Whether the relationship is good or bad can only be determined by the individual together with God. It is difficult to give a person a certain carte blanche to go to heaven.

We can only hope that the relationship with Jesus Christ is strong enough and the faith in Him as Savior is great enough. But in the end, if God wants, He gives faith Himself.

Will I see my dead husband again?

Even with a deceased husband and the corresponding reunion to it, the following applies: Everyone is responsible for his own salvation. Depending on how the man on this earth has confessed Jesus or not, will – so will his eternity. According to the place a reunion is probable or not probable.

Do you meet your family again after death?

It is very likely that you will meet your family again after your death. But also here the warning applies: Every person is responsible for his own salvation. Each individual person must make a personal connection with Jesus Christ in order to be saved! A collective salvation of families, if there is even one Christian among them, is unlikely.

And therefore it can happen that only a part of the family (if at all) goes to heaven and thus can only be seen by the others who are saved. The same applies, of course, to hell.

Is there a reunion in heaven?

It is to be assumed that one sees people the heaven again and recognizes these as such. Even if we cannot recognize from the history with Lazarus exactly the position and heaven or hell, we can assume nevertheless that I can recognize humans in these places mutually. Therefore a reunion in heaven is possible, provided that both persons are in heaven.

Where am I after death?

At death, the body separates from the soul and the soul or spirit goes to heaven or hell. The body remains on earth and decays. This soul or spirit wanders in heaven or hell.

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