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Do all Non-Christians Go To Hell?

I browsed the Internet, as I often do, and dealt with the questions of faith. There are always people who ask, “Are all non-Christians going to hell?” In this article, there is the clear reality that I’m sure not everyone wants to be true.

Let’s start with the clear words. Are all non-Christians going to hell? According to everything we know: Yes, and for all eternity. Why this is so and what helps you and others to save your butt, you can read in this article!

Do all non-believers go to hell?

First of all, we should clarify what non-believers (aka non-christians) actually are. I do not want to start a theological mudslinging and claim which denomination is right or wrong. Therefore, I will use the following definition in this article: non-Christians are all people who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as the sole Savior over their life after death and trust Him from the bottom of their hearts.

To be clear: I mean this literally. Buddhists who see Jesus as a “great teacher” are non-Christians. Religious communities that worship Jesus as one possible god out of many are non-Christians. People who see Jesus as some kind of ancient thinker rather than the Son of God: non-Christians. Believers who follow another prophet are non-Christians.

Now before you do the math, yes. That is the vast majority of people on earth. The vast majority of people will end up in hell after they die.

Why do Non-Christians / Non-Believers deserve hell?

The question, “Why do non-Christians deserve hell? is absolutely modern thinking and every person, in this day and age, would ask this question. This is also absolutely understandable, because our thinking today is characterized by the idea that you have to have done something to be punished.

Unfortunately, the reality is different. It is also not the opposite: What must a person achieve to deserve heaven? Whereby we now already assume that after life there is only heaven and hell and no kind of middle way.

Very briefly: If you thought before that there is a kind of middle way between heaven and hell: No. Either you come for eternities into the kingdom of God (aka heaven) or for eternities into hell. There is simply no middle ground… back to the topic at hand.

It’s like this: every human being is running at top speed towards hell as soon as they live. The sole nature of man is “simply” built in such a way that he cannot help but violate the laws or requirements of God. The reason for this is the misconduct of Adam and Eve, who brought sin (i.e. the possibility to act against God) into the world.

Surely you will cry out now: But hey, I am a good person! In the next chapter I would like to explain to you that you are at best the one-eyed man among the blind.

Why Do all Non-Christians / Non-Believers Go To Hell?

So let’s look at how, in theory, it would be possible for you not to go straight to hell. Some theological approaches assume that the descent from Adam and Eve alone is sufficient for hell. Whether descent from Adam and Eve or not, you can read in the next few paragraphs that you have probably already failed to meet God’s requirements for heaven, and thus would have to go to hell. (There is no middle ground).

Aside from the lineage thing… let’s compare human behavior to the requirements of the Bible. Let’s start with the 10 Commandments. In this article, the deep meanings are only touched upon. For deeper information on how which law is interpreted, there is an article on this blog. Click here to learn more about the meaning of the 10 commandments.

I’ll take your word for it first that you didn’t kill anyone or even love your parents. You honor the holiday by sleeping in and haven’t cheated yet…. so far so simple. The “honoring God” and “only God” may just work out, but sometimes the TV or the video game is very exciting… We will see that it is harder to really keep these commandments by looking at commandments regarding stealing and lying.

Yes, yes. We know: should not do.

But in the New Testament we learn that the heart attitude counts more than the physical deed. There, anger against a brother is equated with murder. Whoever is angry with another has already killed him in his heart. (Matthew 2:21, if you want to read it).

Now let’s apply the principle to stealing and lying.

If you desire and want an object of the other, you have already stolen that object in your heart. In the heart you are therefore a thief. The stupid thing about it is: You can’t put the object back (since you never stole it) and can therefore make up for the deed… this deed has now landed on the negative list for all time.

Do I still have to do the example with lying? Have you ever used a little white lie? Have you ever told your mom you didn’t have time and just didn’t want to meet her? How is it with friends? With co-workers? Have you ever said you liked something and didn’t like it? Even if you actually meant well? This is not true and the biblical principle “a yes should be a yes” is very stretched there – to find a kind word. (Matthew 5 37)

So now we know: Basically we have no chance – but all good. How many mistakes does God actually allow? Surely there must be some kind of tolerance?

God allows as many sins as he himself did when he was on earth: 0. He allows none. Every mistake is too much.

And no: it is not possible to compensate for these sins with a good deed. This is not a principle that is provided.

How do Non-Christians / Non-Believers get out of hell?

As you can guess from the existing text: Practically not at all.

But wait! There is a way to compensate for sins: There must be a perfect victim who has lived a perfect life – i.e. without sin (crime against God’s rules). This victim can then pay for all your deeds and you can stand before God and be considered sinless.

Exactly why this principle works should not matter to you at this point. According to the Bible, it works and it is the only way out of hell – but where am I supposed to get such a sacrifice? Well, you don’t have to get it yourself, thank God.

It already came to this world and sacrificed itself. This sacrifice was and is Jesus Christ. Everyone who acknowledges this sacrifice and understands Jesus as Savior for his life and wants to follow Him – to him He gives eternal life in heaven. Important: This decision must be made during your lifetime. As soon as you die, the time is over.

Conclusion: Do all Non-Christians Go To Hell?

Are all non-Christians going to hell? Yes. The only chance is to accept Jesus as your Savior during your lifetime (after that it is too late!) and become a Christian. But you make the decision with a prayer: The prayer of surrender of life. Be careful: It will cost you your life!

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