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How To Contact God

In this article, I would like to give you (simple) steps on how to answer the question for yourself: “How do I get in contact with God?”. Here we’ll show you 2 simple ways. But first, let’s start with a little theology and see what the biblical principles are:

Sin (not keeping God’s laws) separates us from God. After all, God is holy and righteous and can’t just ignore our crap. But God loves man and had a plan: Jesus Christ came into the world, was killed, and rose again so that we can have our sins imputed to Him.

How can I get in contact with God through Jesus Christ?

That is to say, when we speak to God, we no longer speak as flawed human beings, but God looks at us as perfect as His own Son (Jesus Christ). Why and why and which detail is important is not important for the time being.

What is important is that Jesus Christ is the key to God.

In this respect, the first step for establishing contact with God is the following: accept Jesus Christ as the mediator! In principle, this is not so difficult: You “simply” have to believe that Jesus Christ died for what I have described above. In the following section I will explain to you, hopefully understandably, why Jesus functions as mediator between man and God.

But don’t let this unsettle you. In the end, it is easier to contact God than you think.

That is why you can get in contact with God

I am not trying to make this section particularly theological, although the basis does require some basic theological knowledge. But I will try to explain the basic problem as simply as possible.

If you have found this text, I assume that you know that there is exactly one God. This God created the earth, formed life and simply made everything that you know. The technical word for this is “creation”. We all belong to creation. Just like flowers and animals.

When God created man, He created him in His image – as the saying goes. Does that mean that we are basically gods? No. It means that we have imagination and a free will that is more developed than that of all other living beings on earth.

With this free will, the very first humans (Adam and Eve) decided to disobey God and flew out of paradise – a perfect place for animals and humans – and the “evil” gained access to the world. The technical word for the “evil” is, very much simplified, sin and denotes as much as “to put against God”. (The theologians among you: Please don’t stone me, I’m trying to keep it simple).

Now what does this have to do with contact with God?

Well, God loves us humans and wants to have contact with us. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, because we keep messing up through sin. Therefore, God has created a system that compensates for our sinful deeds in the eyes of God, so that we can at least talk to Him a little: Sacrifice.

Yes, seriously. God taught our ancestors how to slaughter certain animals and when, so that He would be good to them. These rules, by the way, we find today in the Old Testament in the books of Moses.

At some point – at least that’s how I explain it – God wanted an ultimate solution for all people and sent Jesus to earth. This one, as God incarnate, told about the Kingdom of God and that God is not as evil as everyone thinks.

Then he was crucified and rose again from the dead.

Today we may consider this death on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice and do not need to burn a new sacrifice on some altars every day. Once we understand this, we have understood the key to free access to God.

How to contact God directly

From this “simple” truth now follows step 2: Start to say your prayer. The way is clear through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as the “scapegoat. You may simply speak and be sure that God will hear you.

Yes. Sometimes it really is that simple. You don’t have to do anything. God has already done the work for you – and that, by the way, is the short version of the Gospel; also known as the “Good News”…. and thus probably the most important and best news of all!

But, admittedly, sometimes the answer is not too understandable. The important thing to remember about the answer is this: Don’t close yourself off. God sometimes communicates in strange ways. Sometimes it is a thought, sometimes a strange encounter, sometimes you see it only after the fact… In any case, when contacting God, be open to everything!

If you are not sure whether God has just answered you or not – just ask him! God is quite patient…

How to make contact with God through the Bible

Another way to God is… the Bible! Depending on who you ask, the Bible is either directly God Himself or a book about God or the direct word of God… For this passage, only one thing is important for you for now: God talks to you through the Bible!

Just start to read the bible, best in the new testament, and let yourself be surprised what comes. It may be that a certain sentence, a certain word or a certain statement is suddenly very important and you say to yourself something like this: “Woaah!”

Then God, through the Holy Spirit (to be precise), has contacted you and wants to tell you something. My recommendation: take this discovery to heart. Usually you will know what God wants to tell you with it!

I hope this article can help you to take the first step towards God – He is just waiting for you!

Summary: How To Contact God

God wants to have a relationship with you. Therefore, He has made it possible for us to contact Him. To contact God, just start talking. Speak as if you were talking to a person standing in front of you. Be open and bold and trust that God hears you.

You don’t need to use special clothes, gestures or certain kinds of words – the first contact with God can be quite unselfconscious. Be yourself and look forward to experiencing someone who already knows you and wants to master your life with you.

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