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Can Alcoholics Go To Heaven?

When we talk about alcoholics, we think of men with long beards, dirty clothes, slurred speech and an acrid stench. People at the end of their existence, dragging their empty bottles to the nearest discount store. Such people can not have earned heaven, right? God must hate such people, right? Do alcoholics go to heaven?

Here is the best news for all people: Alcoholics can go to heaven. Every person can go to heaven! Read on and learn how alcoholics can go to heaven and already bring a part of God’s kingdom to earth.

Do alcoholics go to heaven?

What I write in this section applies to every human being. But I would like to dedicate this text especially to alcoholics and the relatives of alcoholics. I myself am a relative of an alcoholic and have been able to speak openly with some alcoholics about their addiction. All of these people had one thing in common: they were sure that God could not stand them. They were sure that they were unworthy to stand before God and ask Him for anything. They were sure that they were not worthy to speak to God.

But then, and this is not a literary exaggeration, I told them something that literally made their eyes light up.

God loves you and you can pray to Him at any time and He will hear your prayer;- because God loves you.

Sometimes this simple truth, is the best truth a person needs to hear. Maybe it was the most important message he needed to hear. Often then comes the question of heaven. The alcoholics I met were already medically compromised. Some of them already had discolored eyes, crooked fingers, and badly inflamed skin. These people knew instinctively that they were closer to death than to life.

They were afraid of not going to heaven. Some alcoholics were really panic-stricken about hell;- even though they first said they didn’t believe in God and “all that nonsense.” These persons were afraid of not having earned their way to heaven. Depending on the situation, I responded with one of two statements, “No human being has. Everyone is worthy of hell.” or “That’s not possible either.”

Let me say it again clearly: it is not possible to earn heaven! No human being can do anything special to get into heaven!

The only way to get into heaven is Jesus Christ. The step to secure a place in heaven is complete submission to Jesus Christ.

Can you go to heaven if you drink alcohol without being a Christian?

According to all we know: No. However, as already explained, this is not because you are an alcoholic, but because Jesus has not saved you. You can be dry, but if you don’t know Jesus and don’t have Jesus in your life, then you won’t go to heaven.

I usually hate to repeat myself, but I’ll say it again: it’s not by deeds that we have a chance at an afterlife with God (i.e. In Heaven) It doesn’t matter if we’re the nicest people in the world – without Jesus Christ saving us, we’re not going to Heaven. The reality is that simple and that brutal.

Should you, as a relative of a deceased alcoholic, read this text and want to find out if that person is in heaven, I can give you the following answer: In the end, God decides whether that person belongs to Him or not. He alone can see into the heart of every person and check whether the deceased person had Jesus in his heart. But I cannot give you an assurance.

The most probable case is this: If the person knew Jesus while he was alive and tried to follow him – then there will be a good chance that the person is in heaven. In all other cases, you should assume hell and draw consequences for your life.

Can we go to heaven if we drink alcohol as a Christian?

For all we know: Yes.

Does God like you to drink (too much) alcohol? No.

There are several verses and sayings in the Bible that prohibit the excessive consumption of alcohol. Depending on which text you read, you can also read into it the complete prohibition of alcohol. I don’t want to bore you here with specific verses from the Bible, if you don’t believe me, type “Bible Alcohol” into a search engine of your choice. I am rather someone who wants to explain the concept to you.

In addition to this, there is another concept that is meant to discourage the consumption of alcohol as much as possible: The concept of idol! An idol is anything that keeps you from living for God and carrying out God’s purpose for your life.

Too much alcohol, therefore, can be your idol and interfere with you and your relationship with God. This is the worst thing that can happen to a person in this world. With a clear head, you can better face life’s challenges and move forward with God.

Can an alcoholic be a Christian?

In my opinion: Yes. To be a Christian, you “just” have to let Jesus Christ into your life/heart and let Him be Lord over your life. Jesus then begins to turn your life around. He shows the situations and opportunities that you can take, but often you don’t have to.

But it would be better to take advantage of these situations when you know that some behavior of yours is just bad and God does not approve of this behavior! To be a Christian also means to walk a new life with Jesus – so use the chance that your Father in heaven is there and change your life.

By the way, there are many definitions of what an alcoholic is and is not. But the simplest rule is: If you can’t even imagine leaving a beer, you have a problem! Anyone who suspects this should talk to a doctor or a good counselor about it and be radically honest.

Summary: Will alcoholics go to Heaven?

Alcoholics have a chance to go to heaven – but not by doing something special, as a human being. Salvation for heaven comes with trust in Jesus Christ alone.

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