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Does God Want Me To Be Single? (With Quiz)

Some people feel lonely or you have read in the Bible that God definitely likes singles. But then you ask yourself: Does God want me to stay single? In this article we explore this question and offer the possibility of a personal test.

In this text and the questions below, you can find out whether God wants you to stay single or not. Of course, this is only an approximation and an approach. If you want to find out for sure whether you should stay single or not, you should turn to God in prayer and with the Bible.

Biblical basis for the singlehood test

What does the Bible actually say about being single? This should be the basis to be able to ask appropriate questions to find out for ourselves whether God wants us to be single or not. The good news, for one or the other, is the following: Being single is definitely a possibility of God to be a good Christian. The apostle Paul himself was single and even advises in his letters to remain single.

However, he also recognizes that physical desires can be greater than they should be. Therefore, he recommends being with a partner of a different sex with whom one can act out these desires. Once these are acted out, life should again revolve around God.

Therefore, being single counts as a divine gift. Not every person has all the gifts, but every person should reach out for them. Maybe you are one of those people whom God has given this gift.

Unfortunately, there is no checklist in the Bible to find out if you have this gift or not. In the Christian world though, so there are many questionnaires to find out if you have a certain gift or not Point inspired by this idea the following list was created. However, I do not want to “spark” in between and prescribe from how many points the gift is present or not.

Quiz: Does God want me to stay single?

If many of the following questions can be answered with “No”, it is likely that you have the gift of singleness and God wants you to stay single!

  • Can you imagine getting married?
  • Can you imagine having children?
  • Are you interested in the opposite sex?
  • Do you like to spend time alone?
  • Would you like to spend (even) more time with Jesus?
  • Would you like to spend (even) more time serving God?
  • Do you sometimes miss having a partner?
  • Do you think serving God is better when you are married?
  • Have you ever had a prayer that you should stay single?
  • Can you imagine being “just” friends with the opposite sex?
  • Is it out of the question for you to stay single?
  • Has God given you opportunities to find a partner?
  • Did it ever occur to you to pray for a partner?
  • Are you happier with a partner than you are now?
  • Do you realize that marriage won’t last forever?
  • Is your being single right now involuntary?

Take these questions into your prayer and ask yourself, “Why is it important to me that I am no longer single?” Then run accordingly. Depending on the answer, let God guide you and make contact – who knows where and if the future partner is “hiding”.

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