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Will God Forgive Me For Divorce?

Man has at least two participants in a marriage to whom he must give account: The spouse and God. It is common knowledge that God hates divorce. However, does it also mean: does God forgive (my) divorce?

Does God also forgive the divorce of a marriage? God also forgives divorces if you ask Him to. However, this is not a license to treat divorces lightly.

This text is intended to help people who have been through a divorce and the divorce process is “through.” For everyone else, it should apply: Do your best to prevent it and don’t give up early;- but if it does happen, God is there.

Does God also forgive my divorce?

Yes. To some, this may sound like blasphemy, but it is true: under certain circumstances, God does indeed allow divorce. However, this article is not a study of those circumstances. The important thing to know is this:

Those who have tried hard to make their marriage last, and yet many human efforts result in divorce, can come before God with a clear conscience and ask for forgiveness. And God will forgive.

He knows that we are only human and knows that we are not perfect. Therefore, through Jesus Christ, He gave us the opportunity to receive forgiveness for all sins. For all sins.

Does God forgive multiple divorces?

Divorce always has consequences and should never be easy. The believer must always expect worldly consequences and should be able to stand before God with a clear conscience.

But this also means that he must ask God what this means for him. This can mean that the believer “loses” his house and his car to his partner, for example. It may also mean that he must resign from certain offices in his church.

If, in the case of a divorce, this is needed to satisfy one’s conscience, it should be done. No matter who is “to blame” for this divorce (e.g. cheating) – the consequence is always to deal with God in combination with one’s own conscience.

But: No matter whether one’s own conscience torments one, the following applies: Whoever asks God for forgiveness will be forgiven. The bad conscience should be seen as God’s guidance to deal humanly with this matter and to go through this time without hatred and as an exemplary Christian.

Will God hate me if I get a divorce?

Divorce does not lead to a severance of the relationship with God, just as any other sin does not lead to a severance of the relationship. Jesus died for just such cases – cases of sin.

God has decided never to let go of believers – until all eternity. Jesus’ sacrifice is not only valid until we sin (which happens faster than we think), but for eternity.

It is precisely this sacrifice that enables us to have contact with God. Therefore, as a Christian, we cannot lose contact.

Do divorced people go to hell?

God forgives all sins. That includes divorce. Only people with sin on their account go to hell. Therefore, divorced people do not automatically go to hell if they trust Jesus.

Jesus is the only way to come to God. Those who put their trust in Jesus Christ are safe. This is the Good News of the Bible in a nutshell. However, it is also not that we can do anything or there is another way: We ourselves can’t do it and fail to follow the perfect example set by God.

That is why we need Jesus, because He has promised us that He will pay for our failures. Through this, we can ask forgiveness for everything and God will not refuse this request.

This fact is so simple, but at the same time so impressive. Trusting in Jesus to forgive sins is enough.

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