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Why Does God Want Me To Be Alone All The Time?

In this article, we will look at the question “Why doesn’t God give me a partner? After all, the Bible says, “It is not good that man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18). Let’s look at several aspects of this complex question.

Why God does not give you a partner can have many reasons. The bottom line is that it is God’s sovereign decision to bring people together and even highlights being single in the Bible.

God and partnership

When two people have found each other, they should stay together if possible and form a unity. This unity is a symbol of the connection between God and man; therefore, this connection should not be dissolved so quickly – at least this is the general doctrine.

The interesting thing is: God created man and woman and just this principle. However, this principle is valid only if (in the sense of if) they find each other. Otherwise God can also live with the fact that humans are separated from each other. Yes, Paul holds even the SIngledasein for a God-fearing life better, than the marriage!

There speaks an apostle! But he also knows the reality: not everyone can stand it. Not everyone is made for permanent singleness. It is a gift that not everyone gets.

The partner as a substitute for…

If both (i.e. single and non-single) forms of life are accepted by God, why do so many crave a partner (for life?). Why is the idea of a partner dearer to a person than the thought of being a perpetual single? After all, both are obviously given by God.

Some say that if you feel you need a partner in your life, then you don’t have the gift of abstinence. That may be. Personally, I think a little more humanly.

How about the following explanation? For many people, a partner is a substitute for something. Dreams and desires are projected onto him that he has to fulfill. Yes. He is the missing piece of the heart, so that I am happy forever.

May sound romantic.

But it is not biblical.

Yes. The Bible says that man and woman form one unit when they come together. However, it also says that all needs are permanently satisfied by God -and God alone. Man in himself belongs to this lost world. How can a human being be a perfect substitute for you if he himself is part of this lost world? I think that is not possible.

Are you perhaps the reason why God does not give you a partner?

God is sovereign and decides for Himself when to bring people together and when not to. But maybe he is waiting for you to be ready or at least so broad that you can change.

When was the last time you “checked” your connection to God? Are you letting other things or people determine your life, or is it really God? Why do you want to have a partner? Because he can give you love? Why don’t you let God give you this missing love? What demands do you have on your partner – and why? Is he supposed to compensate for something negative of yours, and if so: what actually?

A partnership is complicated. It can increase the joy, but it can also deepen the valleys. You should be sure of that. You should be at peace with yourself (or at least know where you are not) before moving on with a partner.

If you personally are relying on the other person to fill you up completely and finally be complete, think about the questions above. It will not be possible for your partner to fill you completely. Even if it is, it will break in the long run – and you certainly don’t want that.

God should fill you and make you “complete”. Not a human being. When two flawed beings (all humans are sinners!) come together, nothing perfect can come into being.

God brings two people together

More than usual, I would like to point out: God is here un command and leads people to the right partner. Nevertheless, it is certainly not a hindrance that one or the other time to pray for the right partner. Because a partner who makes unhappy can be a partner, but certainly not a good one…

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