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Do Christians Drink Beer?

In this article we look at the question “Do Christians drink beer?” and if not, what is the penalty for doing so? Or is there no penalty at all? Is beer especially mentioned in the Bible and has a special role among Christians? These and more questions we try to answer in this article.

The short answer: Christians are generally allowed to drink beer. There is no prohibition in the Bible that explicitly forbids beer, and there is no commandment that instructs drinking only certain beverages. The limit comes from the alcohol in the beer. Here a Christian should know his limit and not exceed it.

Some Christians choose not to drink at all for various reasons, which is okay.

Does the bible say we can drink alcohol i.e. beer?

Every Christian knows: If possible, one should avoid committing a sin. So, on the subject of beer, the following question arises: Is beer a sin?

Here comes the good answer, which at the same time raises further questions: Beer does not actually appear in the Bible! Some translations put the word “beer” in a place where actually “wine” is written or add it to the Bible passage. This addition is strongly present in the Luther translation;- but actually beer is not in the Bible.

Beer is not in the Bible – so it is not a sin, is it?

If this were true, then the solution would be quite simple. But as always: It is not that simple. However, it is not the other way around either: it is not mentioned positively in the Bible, so it is best to forbid it right away. Whoever proceeds according to this logic, will also not be able to read this text here;- because the Internet is also not in the Bible.

Can christians drink beer?

What is in the Bible, however: The subject of alcohol and often talks about “strong drinks”. This brings us to the topic: beer contains alcohol, alcohol is mentioned in the Bible – so the solution would be quite simple?

There is no clear prohibition to drink alcohol;- one of the most important sacraments of Christianity is to drink wine! And wine contains alcohol! Is it a blank check to get drunk on beer?

There is a “classic” Bible passage for this case:

Everything is permitted to me; but not everything pious! Everything is permitted to me; but I will not be ruled by anything.

1 Corinthians

Or in short: Yes, drinking beer is allowed;- but too much is too much!

What is the limit of beer drinking among Christians?

So we know: Christians are allowed to drink beer, but they shouldn’t overdo it. But what do we mean by that? Is it okay to get really drunk four times a year and be sober the rest of the time? Is a beer every day okay?

Here again, the Bible gives principles. The Bible is not a law book, but calls the individual believers to act independently. The limit is reached when the effect of alcohol (negative) begins. Already then the limit is reached.

With the vast majority of people this should be the case with a glass of beer. Perhaps burly men come to 2 or three.

Do Christians get in trouble from God if they drink too much beer?

Many people have already gone overboard; it doesn’t matter whether it’s beer or some other intoxicating substance. Is this a mistake that God never forgives?

In fact, God forgives everything. Any believer can go to God in prayer and ask Him to forgive him (or her) for overconsumption of alcohol. God will forgive this sin if the apology is sincere and one tries not to repeat this sin (too much alcohol).

If a repetition does happen, God will forgive that too.

Where Christians should watch out when it comes to beer

Yes, God forgives excessive beer consumption over and over again. But at a certain point, you should start thinking for yourself: How often am I drunk? Why am I drunk? Am I having a hard time letting go of beer?

Often, “God will forgive me for this” covers up a bigger problem: alcohol can be addictive. The grace of God should not be abused in order to have an excuse to be drunk again and again. Medical help should be sought here urgently!

When Christians do not (should not) drink beer at all

There is also a clear limit at which a Christian (nor any other person) should even think about beer: When there is a problem with alcohol!

If a Christian cannot control himself to say “no” with alcohol, then this should drink no beer at all. Such a measure is also covered by the Bible verse quoted above: It is better to avoid a thing in order to avoid sin, rather than to wrestle an inner battle with oneself to commit a sin or not.

Oh yes: Of course, Christians should be careful not to become alcoholics. The line is crossed there at the latest. (It does not require “hard” alcohol to be an alcoholic).

Drinking beer in practice during the service

Many churches have started to serve red juice instead of wine at communion for this reason. Some churches (especially those from the USA) do not drink alcohol at all. This is one way to deal with the issue.

In general, the issue of alcohol (including beer) is not present in churches. Many former alcoholics are members and have found an anchor in their abstinence in faith. Since the congregation is supposed to help not commit sins, they act accordingly.

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