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Are There Any Good Demons?

Are there good demons? A perfectly valid question, for all who know that supernatural beings exist and that they can be good and evil. In this article I will try to answer this question as best I can – as always on the principles of the Bible.

The supernatural world is broadly divided into two camps: Good and Evil beings. This division was made by God. In this, the angels are on the good side and the demons are on the evil side. Accordingly, there are no good demons!

Why can’t there be good demons?

As I described in the introduction, demons are not considered good (and therefore evil) in God’s eyes. The background is that demons do not follow God’s rules – and whoever does not follow them is automatically evil.

Originally, demons were also angels and part of the servants of God. One of the favorite angels at that time, Satan, rebelled against God and was thrown out of heaven as punishment. This can be read in various places in the Bible, even if there is no coherent story in this topic.

By the way: In humans this behavior is called sinning and is the reason why all people go to hell if they are not saved by Jesus Christ – but that’s just by the way.

Are there demons who are good to people?

Another definition of “good” could mean “being good to people. Even though people probably shouldn’t be given the choice of which supernatural beings are good or evil, demons could do good things for people out of good things, right?

I suppose diseases (whether mental or physical), are not good for a human: These weaken the person and bring him closer to death. Moreover, he feels miserable and usually cannot enjoy the world anymore. Besides these human views of disease, the Bible reports that a demon can make a person sick or is the actual disease.

For example, there are no reports of angels taking possession of people. No matter for what reason. But the question is: If a demon takes possession of a human being, can the demon do good things for the human being?

I maintain: from a human point of view, the demon can do good things for human beings. In the Acts of the Apostles, there is mention of a spirit of divination that reliably performed divination – to help a person gain financially.

Of course, people found this extremely practical, but

  • a) God does not find fortune telling particularly good
  • b) it only promotes the greed of people.

In this respect, there are demons that can be good to people. Even today I could imagine that behind some “good” things there is one or the other demon – maybe not as conspicuous as in fortune telling, but still dangerous.

The most important lesson, however, is: Just because it is supposedly good for man, it does not have to be good for God – But God’s opinion about supernatural beings and things should be given priority over human experience or desires!

Conclusion: Are There Any Good Demons?

There are no good demons! The definition of a demon is that he rebels against God – and this is the ultimate decision whether someone or something is good or evil;- even if it speaks against human experience.

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