Fundamentals of Christianity

What Makes Jesus So Special?

Everyone in the Western world has heard the name Jesus Christ at some point. Some can relate him to the Bible and others consider him to be the founder of the comic buildings. But none of these answers the question, “What makes Jesus so special?”

The answer is actually quite simple: Jesus is the key and the turning point of all mankind. Without Him, we as human beings would have no hope of heaven at all – or even access to God. Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice to pay for our sins before God.

Many people understood this very early on – not without reason, today’s chronology is led from Christ…. but let’s start from the beginning. So all the way from the beginning.

Why Jesus is needed and the basis of His special task

In the Bible we read that Jesus has always been there. That means: since the existence of time and space. He was therefore already existent when God created the heavens and the earth. In fact, Jesus was existent within God.

Just like the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Christian God is described as Trinity: Somehow there are three persons in one – however that may go; but we don’t want to argue with God about reality.

What I’m really getting at is that Jesus didn’t create the world himself, but he was definitely there. And he was also there when Adam and Eve were created… and he was there when they sinned. He was also there when God the Father chose the people of Israel (to what extent Jesus was involved is absolutely unknown) and gave them the 10 Commandments.

Likewise a large manual was given to the people, which explains to them exactly when they had to sacrifice which animal, so that they stand again well before God. By and large (the whole subject of “sacrifice and sin” is very complex in itself), the dead animals were needed so that the faults of the people of Israel would be made good before God.

These “mistakes” disturb man’s relationship with God;- the technical word is “sin”. Through this sin God gets angry (because he is just), but does not want to punish all the time (and therefore offers the possibility of sacrifices)

What makes Jesus different?

It is not exactly clear why God decided this – probably he was tired of the constant sacrifices – but he decided to send the ultimate sacrifice to earth. A sacrifice that would replace all the doves and sheep once and for all.

A sacrifice that only had to be invoked. A sacrifice that must hold off all the guilt of the world. A sacrifice that must never have made a mistake towards – a sacrifice that must be literally perfect.

And this sacrifice was announced by God. Most of these announcements are found in the scroll of Isaiah and describe the suffering of a person in great detail.

At the time this prophecy was written, no one knew who it was about. The talk is about a strange servant. 700 years later this prophecy was fulfilled,, As we know today, this person was Jesus.

Jesus, who was part of God (and thus God), came to earth as a human being, taught the true meaning of the law to people, and presented himself as the ultimate sacrifice through his death on the cross.

Jesus is the special sacrifice

Through His death, Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice that God recognizes for all people. Through the death of Jesus, God sees us as sinless – and through this sinlessness we can talk to God without obstacles;- any time,

It is only through the death of Jesus Christ that we can understand today’s understanding of God: Even though atheists do not believe in God, they simply assume that they can talk directly to God. The sense of an obstacle to God no longer exists.

Jesus as a special mediator between humanity and God

Jesus is the key point of communication for God. God may actually only allow people who are sinless. People, however, are not sinless – but through the death of Jesus they become so. This opens the way to God.

It not only allows us to talk to God like children – No;- through our sinlessness we are assured a place in God’s kingdom.

And thus the eternal life that begins after our death.

Conclusion: What makes Jesus so special?

The special thing about Jesus is his death. As soon as we believe in it and acknowledge his sacrifice, we have eternal life and rise again after (physical) death and are eternally with God.

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