Fundamentals of Christianity

How many gods are there in Christianity?

Let’s delve into the basics of Christianity and answer the following question: How many gods are there in Christianity? And why is this answer complicated and simple at the same time?

In Christianity there is only one God. But this one consists of three different persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Before we dive further into the subject: I will use explanations in the following text to help you understand the Principle. This is an explanation for people who are new to the subject or are unsure themselves. Therefore, the explanations may seem simpler than they really are. I want to help with the article and not confuse more.

So: How many gods does Christianity have?

To understand the principle that prevails in Christianity, let us imagine a building in which there are very many people (this can be a stadium, the Bundestag or whatever). In the Englisch language there are statements like “the white house has said” or “the stadium is raging”.

We know: These are buildings that stand for something, and behind them are people who are carrying out just that. So the accumulation is summarized in one body.

It is similar with the one God in Christianity: He consists of three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), but is one being. Since the persons are all God, there is only one God in Christianity.

His name is “I am” or “YHWH” or in the human form Jesus. Human form? Yes. I told you: this is going to get complicated.

How does a God with multiple persons work?

How there can be a God who consists of three persons is a mystery from God. The Bible does not explain how this can be, only that it is so.

Likewise, the Bible describes a person named Jesus who claims to be God. He does this by referring to ancient prophecies and attributes. This Jesus is God in human form. (Here you can find the article with the corresponding Bible passages where Jesus claims to be God).

Yes. God came to earth personally and prayed with Himself, in which Jesus prayed with the person of the Father.

So God can just walk around on earth as a human being. Likewise, He can also be on earth as a spirit. Right now, the Holy Spirit is the representative of God on earth and is supposed to help us humans as a comforter. Jesus, on the other hand, is back with the Father in heaven.

Also for the Holy Spirit applies: This has the same characteristics, as God and must therefore be God.

Again: How a God with several persons can work, we do not know. There we are only simple humans and must trust there in the statement of God.

How do we know that there is only one God?

Those who read only the New Testament might not fully understand that it is one God with three persons. (To be honest, it is not easy even for Christians;- many just accept this fact). But if you look into the Old Testament, you will find again and again the statement: There is only one God.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

Genesis 1,1

These words are the first words in the Bible. Already here it is clear to see: There is only one God. Even if God reveals Himself to mankind in other places, the focus is clearly set on the fact that there is only one God. Nevertheless: Right in the first chapters we get a hint that God is not only one person.

and the spirit of God hovered over the waters

Genesis 1:2

“The Spirit of God” is commonly referred to as the third person of the Trinity (that is the technical word). Christians read in this passage the existence of the Holy Spirit – that is, the very Holy Spirit we know today.

So what do we know: We know that God always introduces himself as singular;- but directly in the second verse we can read that God is not only the Father.

Who are the persons who are God?

I have only touched on who the three persons who are God are. How exactly these three persons work among themselves we do not know. (The Bible simply does not tell us) But we do know about some of the tasks.

  • Father – This is the person of the Trinity who is the leader. He has the designation of “Father” in that he sent his son Jesus to earth.
  • Son – Also known as Jesus. He preached the coming of the Kingdom of God and offered himself as a sin offering.
  • Holy Spirit – He appears in the Bible, often with the phrase “the Holy Spirit came upon him” and then the person can do something new and/or does God’s will. In modern times, the Holy Spirit guides believers and is considered a “translator” of prayers. He is described as “Jesus’ equal representative.” Since Jesus is God, so is the Holy Spirit.

Conclusion: Christianity and the number of gods

Christianity knows only one God. The Bible is quite clear that there are no other gods. Therefore, any being that claims to be God must be part of God or absolutely insane. Christians assume the former.

By the way: Every Abrahamic religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) claims to have the same God – and therefore always one God with three persons.

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