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How To Start Praying To Jesus

In this article we would like to show you how you can easily start praying to Jesus. Starting a prayer is easier than you might think.

The best way to start a prayer is with a greeting to Jesus and then start talking about what you want. A prayer is a very personal thing between you and God – and that goes for the beginning as well!

How do you start a prayer to Jesus?

Starting a prayer is basically quite simple: trust that God will hear you and then start speaking. There is no particular formula that must be spoken. You don’t have to address God with any titles. You can choose your words however you like.

Let’s go one step further: it doesn’t even matter if you are angry or sad. You don’t have to pretend to be anything else.

The following rule of thumb helps: Imagine you are talking to someone else and then talk to God in the same way.

Instructions: How to start praying

Of course, we also want to help you explicitly so that you can simply start praying. Often the first steps are difficult and you need precise help.

Step 1: Take time and rest

In Christianity, it is not mandatory to have certain things in order to pray. It is also possible for Christians to connect with God at any time.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn how to pray or are unsure how to pray, find a place where he or she can be alone. This can be a walk in the woods, for example, or you can lock yourself in the restroom. Here you have the free choice

By the way, this is also very biblical. Jesus recommends that prayers be prayed in his closet. This can be taken literally or figuratively. The important thing is: create a kind of intimate atmosphere

Step 2: Trust that your prayer will be heard

If you have never prayed Christianly before, you will feel strange to be able to speak just like that without any obstacles or things you have to do first.

At this point we don’t want to be annoying with theology. The short version is: The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the proof that God will hear you. Through his death all obstacles between man and God were removed and free communication is possible.

Or even shorter: Trust that your prayer will be heard and it will be heard.

A small detail: Just because your prayer is heard by God, it is not fulfilled. God always has the last word.

Step 2a: Posture

It doesn’t matter if you stand, lie down or sit. By the way, it also doesn’t matter how your hands are lying or standing. If you are so angry that you want to “give God the finger,” you can do it. If you’re glad you get to talk to God, bow down. None of these postures are prescribed.

If you are unsure what to do: sit quietly, put your hands on your lap, take a breath, and close your eyes.

Step 3: Welcome Jesus

Now you are ready to begin the prayer. Remember: Talk to God as you would to a friend. Greet him as you would like.

If you don’t know what to say, the greeting “Hello God” always works.

If that doesn’t suit you, you can also start your prayer with the following statements.

  • Dear Jesus
  • Good morning Jesus
  • Thank you for letting me pray to you just like this
  • Hello you up there
  • Jesus, something is on my mind

Step 5: Congratulations on the beginning of your prayer

That’s actually it with the beginning of a prayer. We hope that the fear of simply contacting Jesus and praying freely has been taken away from you.

What you want to talk about with Jesus now is up to you. You could ask to know God better. You could ask him to understand the Bible. Or you could ask him to solve something for you or to heal someone.

There are no limits to the topics of your prayer.

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