Fundamentals of Christianity

What Was Before God?

Our thinking is characterized by a linear progression of time. It has a beginning and an end. The Bible also reports on this. But if you think about it, at some point the following question must come: What was before God?

What was before God? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The Bible describes God in such a way that he was always there. However, this also means that without the creation of time, we as humans cannot say when something was before something or after something.

This time however was created by God. Or the feeling to it. He himself has said sometime: From here the time begins for the human being. He testifies this to us with the very first sentence of the Bible.

However, we know that God still created the angels (and therefore demons) before the earth. I.e. our understanding of time and the passage of time is a purely human one. Since we attach our observation of time to things that came into being only with the creation, we cannot even say how much time passed from the creation of the angels to the creation of the earth.

Still not complicated enough? Let’s take another short look at the problem that God was “there” and he could not be created:

God Himself is the reason of the existence of everything. His self-existence does not need any further existence. Therefore, there simply cannot be anything that was before God.

For then there would have to be something that God created, and the question of “What was before God?” would shift to “What was before the one who created God?” More like middle ground.

By the way, the assumption of God’s self-existence is not a counterargument of God’s existence. Rather on the contrary.

At least, if one puts the classical physical reasoning to reason. Because there one does not know why the big bang could originate from the primeval doll at all. Because after all our world always consists of a reaction of an action.

So a reaction without action would be needed. Keyword: Unmoved first mover.

Therefore, something must be “there”, so that this can take the first impulse. Granted: It must not be necessarily the God of the Bible in the case. However, there is no other religion which offers an explanation for it or also works with self-existence. The God version of the Bible is the closest to it.

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