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Where Does God Come From?

In this article, let’s ask ourselves a very interesting question: Where does God come from? The background thought is actually simple: If everything comes from something, then God must come from something!

The biblical answer is: God was simply already “always” there. His pure existence is presupposed and is the absolute basic assumption of the Christian faith.

This answer is of course absolutely unsatisfactory. The question, which critics of this fact reproach again and again is the following:

Where did God originally come from?

This question not only ignores the biblical answer, but also always includes a certain world view.

In this case: Everything that exists must have an origin. Nothing is simply “there.” It must come from somewhere. The point of this problem culminates in the chicken-egg problem: What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Granted: Our world works exactly according to this principle: Every reaction has a certain action. So we are looking for something that can trigger an action without an origin of its own. Or to put it less philosophically:

We are looking for a domino stone that falls over without another stone (or finger) being “at fault” for it falling over. The keyword is: unmoved first mover. A really big problem for physics.

By the way, also the big bang theory “suffers” from this problem, but this only incidentally.

God does not have to come from somewhere

So, this rhetorical domino has to fall down, without OUTSIDE influence. As far as we know, this is not really possible – except for someone who is not in the same actio-reactio system.

This can happen in two scenarios: There exists a system, which can react with ours and thereby has found a – for us not comprehensible possibility to react with us. That thereby the question arises, where this system would come from, does not make this scenario simpler and leads further into speculation.

The other scenario would be: It would be already before there and can influence, however, just our system.

This description applies of course absolutely to God. Whereby there are certainly also elements which suggest that God lives in another system than we do. We call this system “spiritual world”.

But we see through Jesus Christ that God can also act with this world: He became part of the world (more precisely: man) while controlling this world.


According to our knowledge of this world (the only one we can reasonably investigate) we need an unmoved first mover. A domino that starts everything rolling.

God takes this role. We cannot know before he comes. He presupposes his existence himself. (See Genesis 1:1) How this works, we can probably only find out when we meet him.

Unfortunately, this is a very unsatisfactory answer, but the only plausible one without getting into big guesswork.

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