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Is Jesus Catholic Or Protestant?

In this article, we will look at whether or not Jesus was Catholic or Protestant. The answer should annoy at least the Catholics (even if they should probably already know the answer)

Was Jesus Catholic or Protestant? Jesus was not Catholic or Protestant. The Catholic Church did not exist during Jesus’ lifetime, but came into existence through his death. From this, the Protestant Church sprang even later.

Can Jesus be assigned to a particular Christian church?

Jesus is the origin of every Christian church and every Christian denomination – whether Catholic or Protestant. However, he did not found them personally, but instructed his disciples to build a faith community that believed in him as the Son of God. More about Jesus here

The Catholic Church believes that Peter – the first disciple of Jesus – founded exactly this faith community from firmly defined church organization. All other Christian denominations believe that fellowship with God is more important than membership in an organization.

The Catholic Church considers itself the holder of the truth of the faith and the only correct teaching on the Christian faith. They take their sovereignty from practical and oral tradition, adding it to the teaching of Christ.

The evangelical church does not do this and builds their faith community purely on the Scriptures from God (the Bible). They reject everything that is not in there.

Practically seen one can assign Jesus therefore no firm church;- but from the basic attitude (faithful to the given word of God) Jesus would be rather evangelically coined.

Which church was Jesus in?

Jesus was not in any church, neither Catholic, nor Protestant, nor any other church. The structures we know today were built only after Jesus.

Jesus was a Jew in Israel (in the sense of: the land what we call Israel today) and lived as a Jew. Judaism does not know the principle of churches. It knows by and large “only” the cohesion of believers;- in Judaism the cohesion of the people of Israel.

Summary: Is or was Jesus Catholic or Protestant?

Jesus was neither Catholic nor Protestant. He was a Jew. But a Jew who founded Christianity by his death – and thus (indirectly) the Catholic and Protestant Church. He himself did not belong to any of these faiths, but was a Jew during his lifetime.

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