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Will God Forgive Me for my Abortion?

Many people – especially women – are plagued with a guilty conscience regarding an abortion. They realize that this is considered murder by God – but God can forgive an abortion.

Can God forgive abortions? God can forgive abortions if you ask for forgiveness with a sincere heart and make sure that it does not happen again (to you).

Can God forgive me for abortion?

Let’s start with something positive: It is good that you (I strongly assume that you are seeking help on this subject) have a guilty conscience. This is a sign that God is working on you.

God does not want to torment you with this guilty conscience, but wants to make you aware of a mistake. This doesn’t mean you can’t grieve or push your guilty conscience away – It means, simply put, that God is with you!

He is not with you as a complainer, but as a helper. He wants you to somehow come to terms with this abortion! He knows that this grave sin is on your heart. What I want to say is that God wants to nudge you in the right direction so that you can be forgiven!

First of all the brutal hammer: If you have Jesus in your life and you are a Christian and you love God, then God has already forgiven you and then also an abortion is no obstacle on the way in heaven. It is still no reason not to “clean up” with God.

The fact that you are reading this article should be a sign that you should clean up this issue before God right now. You should ask God for forgiveness and for His further guidance. He will forgive any repentant sinner even abortions (practically* speaking, He can forgive anything).

Can abortion be forgiven in confession? Yes…

So much for the theory. But it is important: you should have assurance that God will forgive. Basically, it is not difficult. The following steps are not an obligation to perform them exactly or even a specific ritual that must be performed.

It is rather a guide for you to know what you can do. If you feel that you should do something different or pray longer or something like that – then do it!

  • If you haven’t already, commit your life to Jesus. (See life surrender prayer). If you are already a Christian, you can skip this step.
  • Bring to mind what you did wrong. Preferably with date and place.
  • Tell God in as much detail as possible. God does know what was going on. The step of being as specific as possible helps you!
  • Ask God clearly for forgiveness for your abortion.
  • Wait a moment to see if you get another impression. If so, pray for it.
  • Thank God that he has forgiven you.
  • Ask God to guide you for further steps

You can do this after God forgives you for the abortion.

Often, that is not a guarantee, you have a lighter heart after such a prayer. It feels as if something has fallen off. That is a good thing.

But: This brings other things to light. Often there are other sins attached to an abortion. These can be very different in nature. These are “flushed to the top.” This is not always pleasant and should be addressed with God.

The apology for the abortion to God – and His associated forgiveness – usually must involve some life change. This change is different for each person.

The following questions can help make the right decisions. In any case, a conversation with God (prayer) is useful.

  • Why did this abortion happen?
  • What can I do to prevent it from happening again?
  • What steps can I take right now?
  • Are there other sins related to this abortion that I should address with God?

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