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Can I Pray for Money?

May one or may one not ask God for money or better finances? The question, if you want to answer it seriously, should be more than a yes or no answer. But let’s start with the simple answer and then refine it.

Is it okay to ask God for money? Yes, one may ask God for money. This is done simply through a normal prayer. However, one should be clear about one’s personal motives.

Can I pray for money (in general)?

Before we go into personal motives for money, we should look at why we may ask God for money: Jesus died on the cross for us so that we can have direct access to God and so that we can have a personal relationship with God – without the need for an intermediary (like a priest or pastor) to be in between.

“More” no. He did not die so that we would automatically become millionaires or that we would never have any more worries in life – on the contrary! Those who read the Bible may be startled to hear Jesus speak of persecution!

This privilege should not be underestimated. We are allowed to step before God at any time (through prayer) and ask him for everything without having to fear that we will end up directly in hell;- whether we get it is another matter.

In this respect: Therefore we may ask God for money – because we may ask God simply for everything!

What does the bible say about praying for money?

Christians in particular may have already heard or understood the first section. And yes: God has given some promises (professionals speak of promise) on which we can build.

But God also always checks the motive of every single believer and he checks that it corresponds to his will. (1 John 5:14) For example, if you want to use the money to harm someone, God will not answer the prayer (James 4:3) (“harm” in this case can mean many things: To lead away from the faith, to drive into sin, and/or other bad things).

Furthermore, your request for money should not be of a purely selfish nature, which only serves your pure entertainment. I don’t have a direct scripture on this statement, but I think this is implied in many statements regarding prayer and the relationship with God.

Why do you want to ask God for money?

Since the last statement in particular is very vague, I would like to go through some scenarios and make some considerations. It is important: If you are in such a similar situation, more details can be added.

Pray to God in any case and yes, if in doubt, please pray in money. Nevertheless, you should see if the following considerations might not be relevant for you.

Do you want money so that you can do something good for a poor family?

I think giving money to a family is not bad in principle. But at this point you should ask yourself: Why not pray for God to provide money for this family? Is it really important to get the money yourself and then give it away?

Is it possible to help this family in some other way? For example, with donations in kind or simply with personal time and a good conversation? Do you perhaps have enough money on the side to be able to pass it on?

Does God answer prayers for money? (To pay bills)

There are actually people, in the Internet and television, who say that God – by the cross at the death – nevertheless also means that he pays all bill for one!

That should not be meant so surely. It stands “only” in the Bible that he provides for us – there we may leave to God, how he does that. Even if it is annoying.

With bills that you (suddenly) can’t pay anymore, you can ask yourself the following: What does God want to tell me with that? Is it something that is not good for me (e.g. subscribing to an adult site on the Internet)? Have I behaved badly and God is showing me something? Have I perhaps bought so much useless stuff that I have no money left for electricity?

Often, especially at the beginning of a Christian life, there are old burdens that should be cleared away. Here prayer and the advice of brothers and sisters helps.

Asking God for money for selfish reasons

Just have more money in your account that God conjures up for you? Sorry, that will not work for sure.

Here you should ask yourself the question: Why should the money just lie around? Just for security? Counter question: don’t you trust God? Do you not believe in his provision? Personally, I often catch myself doing this and then have to ask myself these questions.

It may be that one follows mammon (this word is used in the Bible) more than God. In other words, money is more important than God. It helps to remind yourself of this regularly.

I pray for money from God so I don’t have to work anymore

Sorry. Here the Bible is quite clear: He who does not work shall not eat (2 Thessalonians 3.10). In the same letter Paul explains that one should please work more than necessary to support other (in need) Christians.

Summary: Can I Pray for Money?

In principle, it is okay to pray for money and to ask God for financial support. But often there is more behind it, especially selfish reasons, which should be illuminated.

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