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How Do I Ask God To Stop Worrying

Here you can learn how to give your worries to God. It is best if you always keep this little guide in mind and do it as a kind of regular exercise. This will make it easier and easier for you to give your worries to God.

Preparation / Precondition

One thing you must understand: Communication with God works only through prayer and trust in Jesus Christ. Both of these are basic things that must be established before you can really give your worries to God.

Also, this guide should not be seen as some kind of magic method that shows the only way to give your worries to God. Those who are in regular contact with God (that is, who pray regularly) may find a different way than described here.

It is also not important what words are used. The words here are only suggestions. It is much more important to trust that God hears the prayer. Depending on where you are in your relationship with God, it may be necessary to surrender your life to God.

Step 1: Make sure God will take away your worries

The very first thing you should do is make sure that God will really take your worries away when you give them to Him. Just read the Bible, His Word. Keep telling yourself that really every worry can be given to God!

Cast all your care upon Him, for He cares for you!

1 Peter 5:7

But which of you with his care can add a cubit to his length?

Luke 12:25

Step 2: Go to a quiet place

As a first step you should go to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Also you don’t have to be seen at this place. I personally find it quite interesting to choose the bathroom, if you don’t live alone somewhere. But it can also be a walk in the forest.

The important thing is: Take your time. God is always ready to listen to you, if you are ready to invest time for him.

Step 3: Formulate your concerns

Even before you pray, try to sort out your concerns in your mind: Exactly what concerns do you want to give to God? Which people are involved? Are you personally afraid of anything?

Yes, God knows your situation and this step is not necessarily needed to get rid of your worries. But it is good to have the problem somewhat sorted out for you. It’s also okay that you don’t know how to solve it or not solve it – this is part of giving your worries to God.

Step 4: Talk to God

This step is more difficult than you might think. It starts with addressing God. Here it is recommended to remember that we may call God Father and that the Holy Spirit translates the words for us. (So much so that even a groan can be a prayer!).

It is best to address God kindly. Don’t treat Him like someone you have to force to help you – God wants to help you. Therefore, try one of these salutations:

  • Dear Father, I am very worried
  • Hello Daddy, I am worried.
  • Hello God, how are you?

Step 5: Talk to God about your worries

In step two, recount what you formulated in step 2. Feel free to complain that you are worried – that’s all right! Tell God everything! When in doubt, even swear words are okay.

Step 6: Give your worries to God

The fifth step is to really give your worries to God. Now that you have poured out your heart to God, you can begin to give each worry to God.

To do this, formulate your worry again and then say that you are giving it to God and trusting God to help you. Repeat this for every single worry. You can take one of the following phrases to unload the worry to God:

  • “Lord! Take these worries from me, they are too heavy for me.”
  • “Please take care of _; please release me from this worry”
  • “I hereby give you my worries and cares in confidence”.

Of course, you can choose a different wording.

If you can and you want to, you can combine step 4 and step 5 in one.

Step 7: Conclude the prayer

After you have given God all your worries, close the prayer with thanksgiving. Thank God for helping and guiding you in your worries. Again, you don’t need the big words, just a “thank you for letting me give you my worries” will do.

After giving away your worries

What happens after you give away your worries varies. Each worry is different and therefore handled differently.

Some believers feel a warm sense of release in their chest immediately after such a prayer. Others (unfortunately) do not have this feeling. Nevertheless, you can trust that God has heard the prayer and is in the process of removing the worry.

If you like, you can ask God for a sign confirming that God is working on it. If you are still unsure, just give God your worries again. Or if new ones come: God wants your worries.

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